Assistance Dogs International training program (ADI)

Assistance Dogs International refers to the joint venture of training dogs or service dog organizations that are involved in the continuous development of better dog training techniques. In this way they intend to make service dogs better partners with humans and develop skills and training programs that will help the dog trainers learn canine behavior better and help them train dogs that are better service animals. It is a strong alliance of the major nonprofit dog training and teaching organizations that has a sophisticated and well formed assessment and evaluation process to help trainers maintain their skills and improve with time.

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Certifications and training programs for the trainers and dog training programs for the service dogs-to-be are being designed through research-based procedures. You can find all relevant resources and training schedules through ADI.

ADI is also concerned with developing rules and the implementation of general laws that govern the basic service dogs code of conduct and secures the use of service dogs in social places where other dogs may not be allowed to stay with their owners.

ADI pursues the correct information on the legal formalities regarding the use of service dogs by the disabled so that they can stay safe and well informed about their rights in social places without any obligations.

Standards and values

As said earlier the ADI is an alliance of multinational organizations that offer dog training services and educational and training services for the trainers to become better dog trainers and know the dog training basics in a better way. So, keeping that in mind, ADI works to develop certain standards and values to help and guide dog trainers to know their values and how they will treat the dogs and train them to become a better part of the society and a great companion of the impaired person.

The organizations that need to be a part of ADI should be aware of the fact that they need to have a complete knowledge and a well defined course that follows the AI ethics and rules to run the training programs using the best and the accepted ways as defined by the ADI board.

These standards and values have been set to benefit the organizations in a way so that they will follow a definite code of conduct and will get all the latest information they are in need of to run the training programs for dog training services.

ADI has set the minimum standards for training teams, trainers, and dogs that are to be trained as service dogs to make sure there is no issue in evaluating and accrediting the service dog trainers and the service dogs themselves.

Programs offered by ADI

ADI offer programs for the member organizations and is responsible for accreditation of the organization for a span of seven years, and if an organization fails to achieve the status of being accredited, the candidate membership also fades away.

The ADI offers a regional base for a wide range of dog training programs and dog trainer programs throughout the areas that are covered by the member organization involved in ADI nonprofit dog training programs.

These programs include service dog training, training dogs for the deaf, PSTD service dogs, physical impairment service dog training programs, dogs for the blind, social therapy dogs, emotional therapy dogs, and all the training facilities that a dog trainer needs in order to train the service dogs.

These programs are offered in all the ADI member organizations, including ADINA of North America, European organizations ADEu, Australia and new Zealand ANZAD, and also Latin American and Asian organizations.

ADI membership and accreditation process

ADI itself doesn’t offer any certifications or accreditation programs, rather the ADI is meant to offer membership for organizations that need to develop a nonprofit source for dog trainers and service dog training programs. So, in order to become a part of ADI alliance, the organization needs to have certain prerequisites as a valuable dog training institute,with a reliable record of educating the dog trainers that are working as professional trainers for quite some time.


ADI accreditation is not a certification, but rather an evaluation on the basis of certain developed standards that have been formed to determine the reliability, quality, and validity of the organization working as a dog training institute.

In order to be accredited by the ADI, the organization needs to declare its mission statement very clearly and determine the basic rules and code of conduct to make sure the dogs are treated according to a certain set of guidelines and trained up to the standards of international dog training guidelines.

Also, there should be a clean environment for the dogs and the trainers to work with during the training programs or while dealing and pairing with the clients. In addition to this, the organization must define all the criteria for developing the training programs, training the dogs in a humane way, following all the legal regulations very carefully, and a well established way of evaluating the dogs trained by the trainers so that they will become better companions for the clients.

If all of these criteria are met successfully, an assessor is sent to the organization to carefully assess the institute and determine if the organization is able to be accepted as an accredited organization for any of the offered ADI programs.

Also, an organization that has been approved by the ADI or is a member can apply for the accreditation process.


In order to become a member of ADI, the organization needs to have all the necessary standards that ADI prefers to have in their member organizations. For example:

Your organization should have been in the field for at least three years, and have trained three groups of professional dog trainers who in turn have worked to train dogs for at least one year.

Also, the organization is required to provide an information page about the working and the facilities provided by that particular organization, a mission statement, a database page regarding the information on the business, a training programs survey, a PAT or Public access test as determined by the ADI, and also the current census records.

Along with that a clear business plan, the motive behind becoming an ADI member, the membership fee, and a proof of charitable status of the organization is required.

If the organization meets all the requirements, the fee submitted with the application will be considered as the first year’s membership fee.


Assistance Dogs International (ADI) is responsible for all the joint activities, like improving the dog training standards, educating the dog trainers and dog training organization with all the latest advancements happening around the world, and establishing a well balanced nonprofit group of organization to benefit dog trainers and the clients get better assistance through service dogs.

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