Can I use A&D ointment on my dog?

What is A&D Ointment?

A&D ointment is a baby product, which is commonly used. It is a skin protectant and helps babies sealing and moisturizing the skin. It is good for skin healing especially with diaper rashes or chafed skin. Many dog owners in case of minor cuts or burn injuries consider ointments for treatment.

Though most treatments involve safe and easy to apply ointments and make sure that there will be no associated issues after their use. But still, the correct type and quantity of the ointment are necessary for treating such issues. Is it safe for dogs to use A&D ointment? Let us find that out in detail.

Can I use A&D ointment on my dog?

It is normal to see dogs getting their ears and other parts of the body injured with minor cuts. Ointments, in this case, helps a lot in the healing of the skin. But, if A&D ointment could be used is a debatable thing. As a short and straight answer, it is better not to use the A&D ointment on dogs.

The reason is the presence of lanolin in that ointment. There are plenty of dogs who are allergic to lanolin and may react negatively to it. The cut may also get infected if the dog due to the allergic issues doesn’t respond well to the A&D ointment. So be sure to investigate if it is going to be okay to use the ointment on your dog.

The above advisory of not using the subject ointment is typically for the dogs that are allergic to lanolin. Those dogs, which aren’t allergic and you are sure about the allergic list could use them safely. It is something that is easily found at home and the vets also agree that such ointments are safe to use on dogs.

However, it is for external application only. Many dogs do tend to lick on the ointment on their body, which is certainly not desirable and must be strictly checked when applied. If your dog licks it then it might get sick.

A great productive and protective step would be to check different dog sites. There you can find some ointments that are typically designed for a dog’s application. However, this might not be the case when your dog requires immediate help and you only have the A&D ointment at home.

You may give your vet a call before applying it. At best, you can visit the vet clinic if your dog has a serious cut or some burn injury. The vet after inspecting may recommend that if A&D or any other ointment is safe to be used by your dog.


The A&D ointment is safe to use especially if your dog is not allergic to lanolin. If you are not sure about it then don’t apply unless you get professional advice from your vet. Even if you apply it then makes sure that your dog doesn’t lick it as licking it off may get him sick.

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