Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT)

The CCPDT, or Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, is a well-known institute that was established in 2001 for the sake of training individuals as professional dog trainers who have a complete understanding of dog behavior and learning skills. The institute offers certification and training programs for a wide range of dog training skills. Hundreds and thousands of dog training professionals have been taught the best skills and dog training techniques to help them achieve their goals.

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Who needs CCPDT certification

The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers was founded to help those people who want to learn the basic and advanced techniques for training service dogs and making them learn the skills they want to teach them. Both professionals who are already working as dog trainers or beginners who just need a start can benefit from the comprehensive courses offered by the CCPDT.

So if you need to learn the basic skills to become a dog trainer or want to enhance your skills and knowledge regarding the service dogs and their training programs, you can join the CCPDT if you have the perquisites.

Also, candidates who have already completed the main certifications course can attend to get affiliated with the institute to re-certify or keep the certifications active for professional help.

Behavior consultants or candidates who want to become canine behavior consultants can join for a specific course that intends to train and teach individuals about a dog’s behavior and specific abilities.

What CCPDT offers

The CCPDT offers dog training certifications as well as canine behavior consultant certifications and continuing education programs for the dog trainers. They also offer evaluation tests for the sake of evaluation of training results and also consider test development tactics to get better evaluations.

CCPDT-KA certification

This certification program has been tailored to assess the dog training professional to evaluate their skills and knowledge about dogs and their understanding of various techniques to train dogs in an effective way. The certification is meant to be awarded to an individual who has completed 300 hours of dog training experience, a signed document by a CCPDT professional, and also requires the applicant to pass 250 MCQs exam questions, to make it sure the candidate has all the prerequisites to be certified. This certification is implemented through computerized programs throughout the Unites States and Canadian institutes.

CCPDT-KSA certification

This certification involves the assessment of a trainer’s abilities and skills in training a dog. In order to complete this certification, the trainer has to possess a CCPDT-KA credential to proceed and also a video that describes the actual training skills learned and implemented.

CBCC-KA certification

This certification refers to the Certified Behavior Consultant Canine Knowledge Assessed, which is an advanced certification for candidates who are involved in canine behavior training and modification techniques. In order to enroll in this certification program, the candidate needs to have at least 300 hours of working as canine behavior modification consultant for the last five years, along with a CCPDT professional signed document as proof.

Continuing education in CCPDT

Continuing education refers to the personal involvement of a CCPDT-trained candidate in continuing educational programs so that the person can get into the practical implementation. The person has to possess a CCPDT certification and a published article and course development in the dog training field and also submit five program-based questions and exam review participation in order to take part in all related continuing educational tasks.

Advantages of the CCPDT certifications

Being a high-class dog training institute, the CCPDT certification enables the involved persons to become confident in their abilities and learn the best tactics to make dog training practice better and more productive to get the best results. Here are a few advantages that makes the program more fruitful:

High class training and education

CCPDT certification offers a high level of education and training opportunities through a well-organized and in-depth training schedule so that the trainers get all the basic and advanced skills they may need to learn for a perfect dog training experience. Also, the certifications and training programs have been designed to provide a full cover for all kinds of skills that the trainers need to train a service dog. The trainer learns to manage a dog’s behavior and implement the positive reinforcement  techniques for a better skills training.

Personal improvement

These training programs help trainers to improve their personal skills as a dog trainer. This helps the person to improve the techniques he or she has learned through practice and experience. Personal understanding also gets improved when knowledge and experience get to work together.

Ability to advance more

Candidates can advance in their skills through continuous improvement and implementation of high quality and up-to-date training tactics. In this way the trainers can advance in their skills and learn better skills with continuous experience and skillimprovement techniques.

Professional branding

Through CCPDT certification, you can create an acknowledged professional base for yourself as a professional dog trainer and can work as a dog training professional.

Marketing opportunities

Due to the fact that the CCPDT certifications hold a great value in the field of dog training, you can market your skills and expertise through CCPDT certification and can build trust within your field of work.

Continuous educational opportunities and learning

CEUs (Continuous Education Units) offer great options for your to learn more and become an expert as a dog training professional. You will be able to develop training programs based on your education and training skills, and will also learn to determine the assessment content for the training program and evaluation procedures.


The CCPDT is one of the leading certification-awarding institutes,whichhas a privileged name around the world. So, if anyone needs high-class training and want to learn high level training skills as a dog trainer, the CCPDT can help you learn all the skills and acquire the knowledge you need, and become an expert dog trainer.

Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers website: http://www.ccpdt.org/

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