Do turtles eat worms or not?

Do turtles eat worms? This may create a little bit of confusion if we say that turtles may have a preference in their eating options. Turtles are becoming a very popular choice as pet animals among people of all age groups. They can live in an aquarium at home or also out in the open dry area. The turtles due to their size and other characteristics/ behavior require a lot of care to be taken.

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They when unintended could consume anything they have access to in their surroundings. You need to keep a check on their diet or else they can fall sick. The turtle owners have concerns to know about their precise eating or drinking habits to plan things accordingly. Worms are a usual item consumed by many other types so turtle owners think if turtles can consume worms or not.

Do turtles eat worms or not?

The red-eared sliders or turtles are known to be voracious eaters. Sometimes to turtle owners, it seems that the turtles are always begging for more and more food. Turtles are omnivorous and this makes them eat both the vegetable matter and also the animal protein. As juveniles, turtles are mostly carnivorous and eat animal protein only. They become omnivorous just as they age.

To take good care of the diet of the turtles and making it more diversified, amphibians can be added to the diet of the turtles. The amphibians include the likes of frogs, tadpoles, beetles, grasshoppers, snails, cricket and moths, etc. This also includes worms including the different types such as mealworms, earthworms, super worms, and wax worms, etc.

Fish is good for vitamin B1 in turtles as well but it should never be given with amphibians. It is because the amphibians or worms contain parasites, which may have a negative influence on the health of the turtle. As a good practice, the carnivorous diet portion should be around 70 – 100 percent of the diet for juvenile turtles and about 50% for adults.

Getting concerned about whether turtles do eat worms or not usually comes when the turtles are made to change their habitat. If you get a wild turtle from outside or one from a pet store to your home, then its environment will change. Therefore, you might see those turtles not eating turtles and another diet for the first few days. But, they will resume eating after getting settled down in their new environment.

So our query was, do turtlles eat worms? And the answer turns out to be, Yes, turtles do eat worms of different types and that is a demand in their diet for a healthy life. Keeping turtles is a very expensive pet hobby. If you want to do this then you need to invest a fair bit of money on their regular diet and other maintenance needs.

You need to mix it up to their diet with commercial foods and other natural diet items, where worms of different types make a good option. It is better to keep switching the possible food options so that they will get all the nutrition they need.

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