Dog Ate Dryer Sheet

My dog ate dryer sheet is a very commonly heard concern for most of the pet owners as they are heard saying that in vet clinics. If not timely addressed then the concern can definitely grow into something bigger. Dogs do ingest such sheets, which could lead to intestinal blockage. This issue could be more serious in the case of young pet dogs.

Are Dryer Sheets Really Toxic

Yes, dryer sheets are toxic not just for dogs, but for any other pet. They contain a range of chemicals, which by no way are meant to be consumed at all. Dryer sheets are actually the cationic detergents, which can be extremely hazardous for the gastrointestinal tract of the dog. The item consumption by your pup could cause its stomach to be upset along with severe internal irritation as well. In some cases, it could also result in case of diarrhea and/ or vomiting of mild to moderate level.

Dryer sheets also consist of certain fabric softening chemicals, which could cause the same adverse effects as mentioned above. The pup owners should beware that any of such substances, fabric softening chemicals and detergents could cause intense poisoning and also has the potential to cause burning in the gastrointestinal tract.

What to do when my dog has eaten a dryer sheet

For any of the dryer sheet or detergent that your pup has consumed, try to read the packaging label of the product. It will let you know about the toxic chemicals the product has. Moreover, the label information of many of such products tells that what to do in case of any living being consumes it. One way to act is to follow the instructions given there. The helpline of such products could be called right away to get the best information.

As another step, you may induce your dog to vomit, if the accident has occurred within the last couple of hours. The lesser such chemicals stay in the gastrointestinal tract, the lesser damage would be caused.

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If the above suggestion of making your dog vomit doesn’t happen, then you should call your vet immediately or take the dog itself to the vet’s clinic. Vets usually recommend putting your dog on some special diet that consists of boiled chicken, rice or potato. Such food items naturally help in pushing the chemicals or any other stuff right through their digestive system.

Apart from the above suggestions, you should also put a hold on the pooch’s activity of your pet for a few days. Long walks or heavy exercises should be avoided under all conditions. Careful monitoring of your dog is warranted for at least 3 days post the accident.

If things get worse, then visit your vet, who will examine in-depth to make a diagnosis and subsequently prescribe the treatment required.


The pet owners never realize the danger of toxic stuff, until they themselves witness an actual dog ate dryer sheet scenario. The dog eating any toxic stuff like a dryer sheet requires immediate attention, but there is no such need to panic. Put your pup on a natural diet and take the advice from your vet. Making your dog commit can help big time. If nothing works then consult your vet for further inspection and diagnosis.

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