Dog Ate Pencil- what should I do?

If you have both kids and dogs in your house, then it is just a matter of time that you hear the dog ate a pencil cry from someone in the house. It is more so the case with younger dogs who are not capable of identifying between what is right to eat and what isn’t. Items such as pencil, its lead or any other chemical could give a lot of stress to the owner if they are consumed by your pet dog.

What risks are associated with the consumption of the pencil by a dog

The commonly found pencil’s lead today are all made from graphite actually and not from lead, even if they are called lead pencils. Therefore, there is not much fear of poisoning with such an act by your dog. However, the main concern is obstruction, where the choking could be fatal. If a choking section is passed, then the pencil may get stuck in the digestive system, which is equally hazardous and require immediate medical attention. The pencil is a good solid element and it isn’t meant to break up inside your stomach, so the digestive tract could get damaged with its presence there.

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My dog has swallowed a pencil – what should I do

If you have a god then you should definitely be having any vet contact as well. If your pup has consumed a pencil then call your vet immediately. Your doctor may advise you some simple steps to do as a first-aid post-accident. The doctor might ask you to check if there is any obstruction or choking experienced or not. The doctor would ask you not to make your pup to vomit. Vomiting is not desirable here as the wood fibers of the pencil could damage the esophagus of your pup on its way back up.

If nothing above works, then you should rush your pup to the vet’s clinic. The vet may take x-rays to find out where the pencil exists in the digestive system. Your vet may also be aware of the medical history of your dog and you along with the vet could anticipate how the digestive system of the dog would react to such item. In some mild cases or with the insignificant size of pencil consumption, your vet might suggest you to only monitor your dog and look for any dangerous symptoms, if they evolve.

If a situation gets worse anytime then rush to your vet, who may re-inspect the dog and what actually has transformed inside it since your last visit. In some of the worst cases, the last thing that the vet would do is to perform surgery and get the pencil out of the dog.


It is not a new thing for the pet lovers to come across the dog ate pencil scenario. The dogs, especially pups are very prone to consume such commonly found items at home. If this accident has happened then try to find out that the pencil is not choking the dog. At the same time, you should also rush to the vet and get it inspected. In some cases, vets recommend observing the dog only. In serious conditions, the vet may perform surgery to remove the pencil.

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