Dog threw up a hard white chunk

You must have listened to many issues dog owners share online and among friends as well. In all the common issues people share- off and on, people also have asked what if a dog threw up a hard white chunk? What are the underlying factors causing this issue? And how can it be tackled when you see it doing so.

No matter, how good you have trained your dog, there would always be a situation when your dog would consume something nasty. It might also be a case when you want to offer something new in the diet of the dog with all good intentions.

Your dog may not take that well due to any allergy or some other issue. Our subject matter here is to find out the reason when your dog throws up some hard white chunk. This is related to the digestive issue that we will find below.

Why dog threw up a hard white chunk?

The white chunk or lump coming out of the dog through vomit is as big as the size of a golf ball. It is usually quite hard. This raises concerns and doubts in the heart and mind of the dog owner. Many pet owners believe that they didn’t have something wrong in their diet and it was all as per routine for them, yet they vomit that white chunk out.

In most of the cases, the dog just within a matter of seconds consumes something nasty when you were not supervising the animal much closely. Quite often, it turns out to be a non-edible household item consumed by the dog. It could be anything such as a stuffed toy, pebble or any such unwanted thing. If you leave your dog at some dog-care center during the day time then it might also be something that the dog consumed there.

If the dog has eaten something wrong and has vomited then that in a way is good as the thing itself has come out of the stomach. However, there are chances of something still left inside the dog about which you are not sure about. To clear the doubt and even otherwise, you must take your dog to your nearest vet.

The vet would check then and find out that if there is something still stuck inside the stomach or not. The doctor may also ask you some questions about the diet of your dog or whether it had been under your constant supervision or not. At times, there are also cases when a newly adopted dog from a shelter has such issues right away.


The doctor may take an x-ray and would determine if there is no internal damage or internal bleeding caused. If that is the case and maybe in some other circumstances too, the vet may put your dog on medication for a few days. A second visit may be warranted in some cases as per the advice of your vet. This issue if rightly and timely tackled would not cause any serious issue.

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