German Shepherd Mixes

A mix-breed is an ultimate choice when you love to distinct dog breeds, but have capacity only for one. German Shepherd is one of the most loved dogs and has some amazing characteristics. It is extremely loyal, smart and protective, where such characteristics are hard to find in one dog.

Such dogs love their masters and are always happy to see them, no matter how long they have been away. All such traits of German Shepherd when mixed with other quality dogs could make a lethal combination.

When you are looking for the best-mixed breed then it is imperative to consider that your dog may have a diverse range of traits. These traits are inherited from either of their parents. Breed mixing could be a tossup, where a dog may look like more of one breed as compared to the other.

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Types of German Shepherd Mixes

There are 10s of Shepherd Dog mixes, where the most popular ones are given below:

German Shepherd Greyhound mix

It is a mix of Greyhound and German Shepherd, which makes a very lovely combination. It is also widely known as Shep-a-Grey or even Shephound. Just like their parent breed, such a mix gives a medium to large size dog.

It turns out to be quite an athletic and powerfully built dog. You may have it in different colors, depending on what they inherit from their parent breed.

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German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix

This is a great crossbreed of two herding purebreds, where one is a German Shepherd and the other one is an Australian Shepherd. This combination leads to a very loyal and intelligent crossbreed.

You will find them quite friendly and affectionate while training them is super easy as well. As it inherently is herding dogs from both its purebreds, so they are found to be quite protective and very often seen helping kids to beware of any dangers, such as a stranger or maybe traffic.

They are quite good and desirable to be a family pet that poses no such danger for kids.

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German Shepherd Maltese mix

This is probably the most adorable German Shepherd mix. As apparent from its name, it is a mix of German Shepherd and the Maltese dogs and it is widely known as Sheptese. It is a small to medium size dog but could be a large size as well at times.

It usually has a thick furry coated skin and the color varies. They are an ideal family pet for all their characteristics and you will definitely love them for what they are.

Jack Russell German Shepherd mix

Crossbreeding a German Shepherd with a Jack Russel Terrier would give you a great mixed breed, which is known to love their owners a lot. They are generally very friendly with other animals and also with children.

Normally the owners of such dogs don’t see a potential danger in them for anyone, yet, they are considered as a great guard dog. They tend to learn things super fast and are extremely playful with all those, who are loving with them.

German Shepherd Shih Tzu mix

Cross of a purebred Shih Tzu with German Shepherd gives a very cute dog. They are absolutely fast and super alert, which makes them a good choice for being a guard dog. This mix is not much common, but you may see it sometimes in a rescue.

Due to the rarity of this cross, it is not easy to predict its specific behavior and/ or temperament. The same goes for its appearance, which is hard to predict in advance. It could be anything from a small to a very large size dog.

German Shepherd Coonhound mix

German Shepherd x Coonhound = Intelligent + Friendly crossbreed dog. This equation is as true as having the best ever crossbreed dog. Such dogs usually turn out to be quite headstrong but could be stubborn at times as well.

They are found to be quite friendly and playful with their owners, kids as well or anyone who is affectionate towards them. Appearance-wise, they tend to have quite a muscular and trimmed frame. They resemble the Greyhound purebred a lot, while they run especially.

They usually demonstrate high energy throughout the day and could be a couch potato otherwise. Overall, it is a fantastic breed to consider, which is getting immensely popular these days.

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

The cross is popularly known as Shepherd Pit. Both these purebreds individually are quite affectionate, sweet and very well-mannered as well. All they need is to be raised, loved and care properly. It is very unfortunate to see that this breed is getting unpopular, despite inheriting the best of the parent-breed characteristics.

They are usually known as very loving, generous and kind-hearted friends and even guard dogs. They don’t have a much thick coat and that is usually easy to maintain with a standard brush with plastic bristle.

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German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

This is one of the finest crosses of the finest purebred dogs. The crossbreed is also known as Golden Shepherd. At a high-level analysis of the characteristics of this crossbreed, they are quite friendly and trainable.

From being a puppy, you will find them very easy to train as compared with any other purebred or crossbreed dog. Moreover, they are extremely intelligent and always eager to please. Their personalities sometimes could be very reserved, which is usually inherited from the German Shepherd parent.

You may have such dogs anywhere from 20 to 26 inches till their shoulders.  Their weight on average could be 50 to 80 pounds. They have a thick double coat in most of the cases and it is also known to shed a lot.

German Shepherd and Labrador Mix

German Shepherd and Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dogs in the entire world, especially in America. Their cross is frequently tried and you just cannot go wrong with this exclusive pairing. Their crossbreed is popularly known as Labrashepherds, which are genuinely quite affectionate and patient dogs.

They are known for inheriting the typical vigilance of the German Shepherd dog and at the same time, they have the outgoing personality trait, just like the Labrador. Such dogs are suitable for all types of people including children. Therefore, they make a good family pet dog as well. 

German Shepherd and Rottweiler Mix

Just like, the Labrashepherds, the Rottweiler and German Shepherd make a beautiful cross of the two popular dog breeds, where both are of German origin. This iconic cross is known as Shepweiler and is ideally known as the best guard dog. Intelligence, strength and endurance are other traits synonymous with such dogs.

The major Breed profile characteristics of German shepherd you may spot on

German Shepherds breed is not a new one and the origin of this breed has been documented back in the 1800s. Since then, the breed has been among the most favorite among the major dog breeds.

Adding to their amazing profile characteristics, the breed has been improved and mixed with many other higher grade dog breeds to make sure there could be a higher emphasis on the desired traits in this dog breed. The consistent evolution of higher-level traits in German shepherds has made them a helpful dog breed, having quick learning, caring and health-supporting qualities.

The major profile characteristics that are enhanced and kept in nearly every mix of this breed are:

Unmatched sense of smell

This means you can always trust your German shepherd who always possesses a keen sense of smell. It is due to the sensitive nose capabilities and long snout to support their sensing power through smelling objects. They can easily detect bombs, drugs and other things without going wrong if trained for this task.

Their suspicious sense always helps them keep an eye on their surroundings. They never trust anything, either new something that they always see around. They search for every possible clue they can make them perfect for watching things around for any unusual activity.

They are adaptable and find their way out no matter which situation they are in. Due to their flexibility of behavior, loyalty to the owner, and intelligent senses, they can work anyways, anytime, anywhere without getting de-tracked.

Higher energy levels keep them going and they never get tired so you can get maximum output and activities from a health German Shepherd as part of your routine.


German Shepherd is a popular purebred dog. It is a popular option when it comes to crossbreeding with any other purebred dog. There are plenty of crossbreeding options available for German Shepherds.

The traits of the crossbreed depend on its parent-breed, where for a German Shepherd parent, the loyalty, friendliness and the ability to be a good guard dog is something that the crossbreed usually inherits.

However, determining the size, nature, and coat color of the crossbreed sometimes is not easy to predict in advance. There could at times be some surprising results as well, although, not by much.

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