How long can a lion go without eating, will it hurt?

Wondering how long can a lion go without eating?You may have a lion as a pet but to do so, you need to obtain a license from your government. It requires a lot of paperwork and the procedure could be quite complicated and having a lion as a pet could be very expensive.

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However, our main agenda to discuss over here is about the diet of lions or more specifically how long they could survive without food. As we know that lions prey on other animals and only likes to eat meat. They are known for having extensive diet requirements and need to be investigated as to how long they can survive without food.

How long lions can survive without meat?

How long a lion can survive without food majorly depends on the health and age of the lion. If we talk about an average age adult lion with good health then it can survive without food for 14 days at least. Some claims say that lions can go without food for a maximum of one month.

The major thing in their diet that they require and cannot survive for long without is water. Lions do need plenty of water or to some decent quantity in every 3 or 4 days. As long as they are getting enough water at regular intervals then they can stretch quite long without having any food.

This is a quite unbelievable tenure of their survival without food. It is because lions eat a lot and as much as when they are unable to walk. They may even snatch food from other predators. Moreover, a lion on average requires 5 to 7 kilograms of food for a single day to support their normal diet.

There are instances recorded where lions have gone without food for a month. After that time, they tend to become weak and may also struggle to hunt the prey on their own. The worst thing that could happen with lions after such long starving is that they could become prey to other animals. Those could be the animals who couldn’t even dare to come closer to lions under normal situations or they are usually the prey of lions.

Another factor that plays a pivotal role here is how satisfying or substantial the last meal of the lion was. If they have eaten well then the stretch could be longer.

Lions can starve without food for 14 days on average. The stretch could be longer to one month if they have a good last meal or they are getting enough water during that time. Anything more than the mentioned time could be fatal for the lion.

If you are a caretaker of a lion or work as a caretaker you may notice if anything unusual is noticed in the eating behavior and its better to look for the best solution to let the lion stay away from possible hazards if associated with not eating certain foods.

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