Information About Chihuahuas

The smallest, the cutest and an active dog breed that is loved and liked due to its adorable size and an ability to perform well in agility and obedience tasks. Chihuahuas are small bodied dogs, but their abilities are not lesser than any other dog. They are equally capable of becoming a perfect pet dog  with their active and friendly attitude towards their owners. Though having a little body makes them a bit inferior as compared to huge dogs that are well equipped with lots of energy, they still have a graceful and a terrier like expression reflecting their sassy personality.

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So, if you have seen a Chihuahua, you must have noticed some of the unique and prominent features that make them special for many reasons.

Origin and evolution

There is has been a lot of debate regarding the origin of Chihuahuas and also the purpose of these dogs. Due to the fact these dogs are small in size and they are not sufficient for heavy duty tasks like gaming or hunting, they were supposed to be bred for food purposes. The dog breed has been considered to be originated and purely bred in Mexico and from there, it was brought to the European countries as a pet. The breed was first recognized by the American Kennel club in 1904 and has been classified as the 29th most popular dog breed in America.


As said earlier they are small sized dogs which have smart and active bodies develop as a well balanced structure. These dogs can be found in 9 different colors and have 6 kinds of marking on their coat.  They have varied combination of colors and markings, making them look even more attractive an cute. They have big round eyes, prominent ears and medium sized tail.

Color and coat

These dogs have various colors on the coat including White, Tan, Black, Brown and many other shades of these basic colors. Their coat also has varying features, as some have long hairs and others have  short dense hairs. They also show various marking like a dark colored band, splashed or black and spotted appearance. Though these markings and colors are not limited to these certain patterns and can vary greatly.

Types of Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas can be classified into two main groups, namely the long haired Chihuahuas and short hair Chihuahuas.  The long hair dogs have soft, long, smooth hairs and they shed their hairs less often as compared to the short haired Chihuahuas. The short haired dogs have the shortest length hairs and shed their hairs very often.

These dogs can also be classified on the basis of the shape of their head. There are mainly two kinds of shapes that can be observed which are Chihuahuas with pear shaped heads and the other are apple shaped.

Size and weight

The size of the Chihuahuas is limited to 6 to 10 inches in total. The weight of these dogs ranges from 1.8 kgs to 2.7 kgs.


These dogs are short tempered an can get angry with a little temptation.They can easily be triggered for any attacking behavior and that is why are not considered to be very suitable for families who have young kids at homes.

Though these dogs are very friendly and can get attached to the owner very quickly, but they need to be handled very carefully. They can also become possessive regarding their owners and may not tolerate any other pet around the territory.

Life span and health issues

They are usually a healthy dog breed and can live for 15 to 20 years on average. But they may need proper health care and need to be taken to a trained vet for proper dental and general health care.  They may have issues regarding their vision or eyes, their cardiac functioning, blood sugar, bronchitis or teeth care.


They can be trained for simple tasks at home. They get accustomed to the environment very quickly and can adapt to perform various tasks and fulfil commands, but cannot follow complex commands.


They can adapt to any environment, whether it is an open place or a small apartment, But they don’t get used to colder climatic conditions because of the fact they have their origin in  the hot region.

Energy level and play

 These are very energetic, and as a healthy dog may need daily exercise and playing activities to fulfil their basic needs of being active and energetic all the time.

Purposes of breeding Chihuahuas

Though Chihuahuas are not muscular hunting dogs and also they don’t have a history to be used as assistance dogs, But they still have got a lot of potential to provide enough reasons for their breed to be kept at home. Here are some of the purposes for which these dogs have been bred so far:


They are the best companion of a human when they have to stick with one person only. They become attached and feel close to the person who keeps it. They can be very loyal and can make a very strong connection with their owner.


It has been considered that these dogs are among the top 20 watchdog breed list. Due to the fact they are very reactive to strangers and are ready to tell you if any stranger gets into the territory.


They can give excellent results in agility games and can succeed other dog breeds.


Generally, these dogs are great to be kept as a companion if you need a dog who will live for a long time. They are also good for those who travel a lot as they are small and easy to carry along anywhere you need. But due to their short tempered natures, they are not suitable for public places. They are playful, energetic and very friendly. But you need to have a purebred Chihuahua who has little or no nasty inheritance of having aggressive traits, or else you may have to train him for better behavior.

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