Is Greenfield Puppies a puppy mill?

Greenfield Puppies is not a puppy mill, but more like a listing service that offers a place for breeders to list their puppies. The breeder takes care of all the purchases while Greenfield Puppies provides the platform for breeders that want to advertise their puppies for sale.

Most people who advertise through Greenfield are usually families that do not have many puppies to have a website. Those puppies on the Greenfield website are well socialized and many of them are family raised.

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However, Greenfield Puppies can have puppies listed from breeders who brought the dogs from puppy mills.

But we cannot classify Greenfield as a puppy mill or a breeder, because their service is a bit different.

 The company provides a platform where the buyer meets seller. The company runs a portal where the breeder can upload pictures of their puppy and leave contact information on the portal. The buyer can contact them through the portal and arrange to meet with the breeder.

Greenfield is not directly involved in the care of the dogs listed on its portal. The breeders take care of the puppies.

Greenfield is an advertising portal for reputable breeders

Greenfield keeps only its portal for reputable breeders. The company has a strict policy of rejecting breeders that violate breeding laws. Greenfield says in its policy that it stops advertising for breeders that breach these laws.

The company has been connecting good breeders with healthy puppies to caring families for more than ten years now. They only advertise for breeders with the highest health standards for their puppies.

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However, remember that even if Greenfield’s intention is only to accept good breeders, they may not be able to vouch for all breeders that register on their portal. That is why it’s necessary for you to also do your findings before buying puppies from any of the breeders listed on the site.

They always verify the breeders and the type of puppies they have. But that is not enough guarantee to not be careful when you are looking for healthy puppies from breeders.

How to spot a puppy mill

Some tips would help you spot a puppy mill or easily choose a good breeder

If the breeder you are considering is doing any of these things, it shows they can be classified into the category as puppy mills. They may not tell you they are puppy mills personally.

Puppy mills usually ship dogs across the country

This is one of the things a reputable breeder would not do. They are always worried about the next home for their puppies and would want to inspect the home before releasing their puppies.

Puppy mills sell through third parties and brokers

Puppy mills are open to doing business with brokers. However, a reputable breeder sells directly to the buyer and would insist that the buyer returns the dog personally to them if there is a need, rather than selling the dog off to another owner. These are some of the signs to know you are dealing with a puppy mill.

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