6 problems medical response or alert dogs can handle for people having health issues

Most of the people who are familiar with guide dogs and their benefits may be surprised to know that there are numerous benefits that guide dogs are able to provide you with as an assistance dog. Sometimes it is misunderstood that guide dogs are only trained to perform simple tasks like pushing or pulling or grabbing certain things when their owner indicate something or can perform tasks that are obvious and apparent to the dogs. But it is not true at all. The uses and benefits of guide dogs or assistance dogs are unlimited and encompass a wide range of assistance work that a person with a certain kind of impairment may need.

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These dogs can act or assist as a medical response or alert dog in various health or medical conditions when a person may lose his/her control over the sense, behavior, or response to a presented stimulus. Such dogs can help the affected person avoid the severe consequences and hazards that may come as a result of a certain medical condition.

Like a person who has seizures may need assistance in sitting down at a safe spot and may need a help from another human. Assistance dogs can help find a proper place and get sufficient attention from the concerned people in time and without any further complications and issues. Also, they can take necessary steps to comfort the affected person so that he/she becomes capable of handling the situation through proper medication or precautionary measures.

Medical alert dogs can be of various types, depending upon the skills they have and the tasks they are able to perform and the problems they can assist in handling, in an efficient manner.

We can see how they can benefit people having various health issues and problems and how they can be categorized on the basis of these problem-solving capabilities:

Diabetic alert dogs

Dogs that are trained to alert or respond to a situation arising from diabetes, from which the owner is suffering, can help a lot in various circumstances. Such dogs are referred to as hypo-alert dogs, or diabetic alert dogs. These dogs are very well trained and taught to sense the various conditions and behavioral changes in the body of the owner. They can detect the health issues, through various symptoms like changes in body temperature, imbalanced movements and the expressions on the face. They can alert the owner to take necessary actions like taking a medicine or eating something to balance out the sugar level. They may also bring something to eat if it is necessary for the person to keep going.

In addition to alerting or helping out the person when the issue starts, these dogs can also help in solving issues if the person has a severe attack or is struck by low sugar or high sugar level. They are trainedto reach topeople quickly to get sufficient help and save their owner from getting into further complications.

Severe allergy alert dogs

Severe allergy alert dogs can help a person who is suffering from allergies and related issues. They are trained to detect any allergen around the person and alert him or her before going there. People having allergies that are aroused by elements in the environment, like flowers or certain trees, or other substances, can benefit a lot when they have a medical response or alert dog with them. These dogs can detect and alert the owner before they get into any problems.

General medical alert dogs

General medical alert dogs are the ones that are trained to help their owner under certain circumstances that are hazardous to their health,like people who haveasthma or breathing issues, or havehigh blood pressure needing to avoid certain environmental conditions that may makethings worse for them. These dogs can alert the owner and help them to avoid conditions where there is a lot of smoke, suffocation hazards, or stressful situations. These dogs are ableto detect such issues around and can inform the owner to avoid or escape quickly.

Seizure assistance and alert dogs

Seizures and epileptic attacks are spontaneous and hazardous for people,bothadults andkids. People who have these issues requireconsistent support and assistance in order to avoid severe problems and injuries. Seizure alert dogs can help people get through harmful circumstances and can keep the owner safe from severe issues and injuries as well.

Though they are not skilled to detect before the seizure is about to come, they develop skills that help them to interpret the person’s behavioral changes and certain symptoms that may indicate the upcoming seizure like low energy levels, trembling movements, and other symptoms like that.

These dogs can help a person to sit in a safe place, take proper measures, or call for some help from another person who can help the owner to get through the condition without getting hurt.

Autism alert dogs

Autism alert dogs are helpful in handling various troublesome situation for an autistic person. These dogs are very well trained to handle various situations that an autistic person is unable to handle, like facing another person, dealing with a confusing situation, avoiding hazardous circumstances, etc.

Emergency help and proper management

Medical response or alert dogs are also helpful in identifying emergency situationsto keep their owner safe in case of any health issues. They can alert their owner beforehand by analyzing the situation and can help the person reach to a safer place and can avoid getting into further issues and problems.


Medical response or alert dogs are skilled to detect problems and respond to the issues accurately and effectively so that there is a less time lapse in getting the problems solved. They can help in picking up things, bringing the phone to the owner to ask for help from other people, take or drag the owner to a safe place, or get necessary medication to the owner so that he or she may be able to cope with a certain medical condition.

These dogs are not able to perform medical assessment procedures, rather they are able to interpret certain changes in the environment and within the person’s body through certain indicators that they have learned to respond to, in a quick and effective manner. These skills can help a lot of people who need help to get a consistent and reliable companion to keep them safe and secure and live independently.

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