My Dog Came In Me (Not Just Kidding)

To answer the question succinctly, a human can’t get pregnant from a dog. The reason is because of their two different DNAs. Each animal has its unique sets of instructions in their DNA. The DNA of a dog is quite different from the DNA of humans. So, there is no way a woman can get pregnant from having sex with a dog. We will try to explain this deeply in the following lines.

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Why humans can’t get pregnant for dogs

Dogs and humans share different genomes. Their genomes are extremely different and very far apart to produce something that would live. That is why there is no way a woman can get pregnant even when the dog ejaculates several times in them.

The DNA issues certain types of instructions to the reproductive systems of the body. The instructions issued by the DNA in a dog are extremely different from instructions from the DNA in humans. For instance, there is no way you can produce a flying machine when you mix the instruction of making a curling iron with the instruction of making an airplane. It would not work. That’s the same thing applicable to the human/dog reproduction scenario. 

Is it even possible with another animal

As we mentioned earlier, all animals have different DNA. Even the chimps that have the closest traits to humans have their DNA instructions. The genetic differences between each of the animal species usually make it impossible for each to mate and produce offspring. The only exception is when two animals from the same family are being paired. And in this case, most times both animals would have almost 100% similarities in their genetics before they can produce offspring. 

Instead, you may be getting a piece of metal that is as good as useless. That is exactly what would happen when you bring the same scenario into reproduction because you can’t get half man/half dog. You can’t even produce a deformed human. At least before a deformed human is produced, there has to be a formation of the sperm and the female chromosomes. In the case of dog and female, the sperm would not be able to fertilize the eggs in the females, so there is no possibility of something developing that could be deformed.

We know there have been some tales about people getting pregnant from animals. All those tales are what they are. They are just tales, and there is nothing rue about them. As I’ve mentioned earlier, there is no scientifically possible way a dog can have sex with a woman, and she would become pregnant.


That is because the two have not just different body compositions but different DNA compositions as well. Each animal genome is unique in its own ways. Dog genome tells dogs to have tails, fur, and four legs. But the human genome tells us to have 2 arms and 2 legs. With these different characteristics, the human body is meant to perform in different ways than the body of a dog, which also includes the reproductive system.

And because of all these differences, there’s no way the sperm of a dog can fertilize the eggs in a woman. This means that there’s no chance of getting pregnant from having sex with a dog. It’s one of the impossible things in the world.

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