National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI)

The National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI) is well-established association that intends to accredit and certify the dog trainers who are professional and reliable enough to be considered as the best dog trainers. The organization was established by a group of professionals who wanted to bring in a human revolution in the field of canine training or dog training practices and started a new era in developing the best training methodologies to train dogs as better human-assistance dogs.

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The intention was totally based on the idea that we shouldn’t just implement the same general training practices to all dogs, regardless of their skills and abilities; rather, we should use customized training programs to train and evaluate certain skills and consider modifying behavior through dynamic training practices.

This revolutionary step started a new movement in the field of dog training and resulted in the development of the most effective training strategies, which brought excellent results and benefits for the dog trainers as well as for the service dogs during the training process.

The National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors is based in Houston, TX, and has flourished on the national and international levels.

Membership and certifications

As a matter of fact, the NADOI has been developed on the basis of the best dog training practices, and the main intention behind it is to develop programs and use training procedures that are best for the dogs and will help them learn the skills in a better, easier, and humane manner.

NADOI only certifies and awards membership to those trainers and organizations that comply with all the basic rules and the mission statement of the NADOI association, that is confirming the high quality training methodologies and avoiding all the flaws that may affect the overall training practices.

There are two kinds of affiliations and accreditation offered by the NADOI, which are:

  1. Certified membership plan
  2. Provisional membership plan

Both of these plans are based on the same motto and motive, but have a slight difference in the accreditation process, prerequisites, and span of membership.

Certified membership plan

The certified membership plan offered by the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors includes the completion of a certification program offered by the organization. In order to apply and complete the certification process, the candidate must complete the application that is to be presented in order to apply for membership. Also, to be considered as eligible the candidate must have a history of working as dog training professional for about five years and also worked as a high level instructor for at least two years.

In addition to this, the candidates are required to work with a minimum of 100 dogs till the time of certification application submission. In case you are going to apply as a group rather than an individual candidate, then there is a requirement of completing at least 104 hours of teaching, or 288 hours if you are working as private instructors group.

If all criteria are met, the applicant, either group or an individual, has to submit an application written in essay form describing the candidate’s knowledge of dog behavior and development, a complete understanding of training facilities and training issues and challenges, and a full-fledged understanding of all teaching strategies and training skills.

Provisional membership plan

The provisional membership plan applies to the program that offers the applicants who lack one or two prerequisites to be considered eligible for the certification programs. This plan offers an opportunity to the trainers to be a part of the association even if they don’t meet the full criteria to get certified. This membership provides the candidates with all the resources and knowledge regarding the latest training practices, but they may not vote or open an office through the membership they have.

During the span of the years the candidates must fulfill all the required criteria to be eligible as a certified member of NADOI association.

The only purpose behind these prerequisites and criteria-based membership plans is to shortlist only the best trainers in the field and to certify only the candidates that possess the best skills and have the proper experience of working as professional and skilled dog trainers.

Code of conduct and ethics demonstration

The NADOI association is a certifying association and requires the certified candidates to follow a certain set of guidelines after being associated and certified by the association. This is definitely a must to follow to make sure that there is no negative impact on the certifying association and also to keep the certified professional on track according to all the rules and regulations as determined by the association.

The basic essence of all the rules and code of conduct as determined by NADOI, for the sake of guiding their members is as follows:

  • Members of NADOI and certified professionals will strive for excellence and self-improving practices to make sure they provide the best.
  • NADOI requires its members to implement the latest and best possible training solution in their dog obedience programs so that they can acquire the required skills in a short span without compromising their abilities.
  • Also, the members are not allowed to advertise their clinics and training institutes as supported by NADOI.
  • They should always make sure they will keep following the ethics standards in any situation they confront.
  • They should never taunt or criticize any fellow instructor openly or directly in a public situation.
  • They will also share the knowledge that is beneficial to everyone and needs to be told to the other community members for the sake of the betterment and improvement of the practices being implemented to train better service dogs.


National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI) offers the highest standards of dog training education and techniques and requires their members to follow all the advanced level training methodologies so that there is an improvement in the dog training process and the personal experience of the clients who need a canine companion with them for the sake of fulfilling their needs.

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