Penguin Pick Up Lines

Anyone tried penguin pick up lines? You must have some if not penguin there are many ways to have some using different cheeky words.

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Pickup lines are almost always loved by people to be used on their beloved ones or the ones on whom they have a crush. If you have a cheesy pickup line then there are high chances for it to work. If not, then you need to have one good pickup line before using it. Half cooked pickup line or the one that doesn’t have a soul should not be used ever as it may have a negative impact rather than a good one.

The Penguin pickup lines

Penguins are very interesting animals and sometimes considered as a good pet animal as well. It is just that the experience could be quite expensive especially in preparing their habitat to live and also their night.

There is a range of different ways to mention penguin pick up lines to start a conversation or use the words metaphorically to convey a message in a hidden way sometimes. One interesting pickup line from the Meme center is as below…

Penguins are known as very loyal animals as they spend their own life with one partner only. It is this statement that sometimes is used as a pickup line in a very different way. There are men seen using this as a base for a pickup line as “Would you be my penguin?” This line has a nice ring to it and would make the other person surrender to your will and cannot restrict one from smiling back.

If you want more pick up lines on penguin or other similar ones as discussed above then the cards can be browsed online for many such ideas and suggestions.

There is another cheesy pick up line for a polar bear originally, which could also be creatively used with a penguin as well. “Hi, any idea how much a ‘penguin’ weighs? Neither do I, actually, I just wanted to make an effort to break the ice.” Good one?

And, it is not just the pickup line itself, but the answer in response to a pickup line has to be smart and witty too for making a strong impression on the person. For example, for the above ice-breaking question, the responder could reply saying, “I am sure it weighs well over a ton… but not sure… **coughs**.

Talking to animal lovers or experts can also give you many good suggestions of hot pickup lines that refer to animals or specifically penguins. The people who are quite familiar with penguins know about their behavior and personality traits and do find some funny resemblances with humans at times. Putting those observations in lines and making a pun out of it for humans could be very attractive.

The penguin pickup lines seem interesting and make a great thing to be used on your crush with a pun intended. You may find other famous pickup lines referenced through other animals, which could be intelligently replaced for a penguin.

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