Pink Dog Logo

The pink dog logo sounds like a very interesting term. In order to know what it means and what it represents, we need to connect the dots going backward. It all starts with Victoria’s Secret, which is arguably the largest brand in the United States of America for lingerie.

The company single-handedly altering the very conception of lingerie in America and that is done through the sensual undergarments and related fashion.

This is something never done before by any other brand where the lingerie mainstream entertainment is the new first by the brand as well. It sells lingerie, beauty products, and women’s wear through more than 1,000 stores in the USA and as well as through its web store.

What is it all about Victoria’s Secret “PINK”

PINK is actually a subsidiary of (L) Lingerie Brands and it is an apparel and lingerie line of the famous Victoria’s Secret company. A question comes to mind that Victoria’s Secret is already a popular and mainstream brand of lingerie and other related products, so why PINK is used as a sub-brand of the company?

Actually, the specialty of this PINK brand is having a much-focused target audience. This sub-brand is for younger women as compared to their mainstream line. The target demographic for PINK includes youth exclusively between the age of 15 and 22. This specifically includes college-age females and teens.

The ultimate quest of knowing about the PINK Dog Logo

The “dog” in the PINK dog logo of Victoria’s Secret is their mascot. The dog in that mascot is actually a Beagle, which has a boldly patterned coat.

A lot of theories are there for the PINK dog logo, but it is just a mascot exclusively for the PINK sub-brand of Victoria’s Secret. It is just like what moose is for Abercrombie, an eagle for American Eagle and seagull for Hollister.

A bit more about the PINK Dog Logo

The subject mascot dog here is a silhouetted dog. You will see it as a logo on many of the clothing items from Victoria’s Secret’s PINK brand. In order to make things more dramatic and attractive for the buyers and the potential buyers of the brand, it has been made into a stuffed animal. You can find it in the majority of Victoria’s Secret stores.

It is very interesting to see how Victor’s Secret innovatively uses the PINK Dog mascot for their promotions. You may see a free dog coming with some exclusive PINK products’ promotions. Such promotions happen quite a few times in a year and you will definitely love it.


PINK is a sub-brand of Victoria’s Secret, which is exclusively for young girls within the age of 15 to 22. PINK has a dog mascot, which goes as a pink dog logo on many of the products coming from the sub-brand line. The stuff animal dog is also using a promotional product to go free with some of their exclusive products, where such promotions happen several times a year.

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