Should I cover my rabbit’s cage at night

If you have a pet rabbit then you definitely must be having a cage as well for it. Should I cover my rabbit’s cage at night or not? is a common query that most rabbit owners ask for keeping their pet rabbits away from troubles.

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This is an important requirement as a cage looks after your various needs or how you manage your rabbit at home. The rabbit owners show concerns about changing weather conditions and want to do every bit to facilitate their pets.

They think about covering their cage at night to protect themselves from cold or wet weather at night. But, they still have concerns about whether this is the right thing to do or not.

Is it OK to cover the cage of my rabbit at night?

The rabbits are generally known for their cozy environments and like to be protected all the time. One thing that should be noted here is that the rabbits are not made for the wild outdoor environments. Rather, they are good indoors or in a protected limited environment.

If you have space and resources then the rabbits within the outside of your house could be left open. Moreover, you may also have separate cages both indoors and outside the house.  

Coming back to the subject matter, the cage of the rabbit can be sheltered at night when they are asleep. It is also needed first for their security as they are prey animals. However, as a good practice, covering the cage should only be done when the rabbit is asleep. Don’t do it when he is awake or the experience for the rabbit could be very suffocating. For such a case, a plastic igloo makes a great choice. You can easily find it in different pet stores.

Thinks questions usually come in the mind of the people when they have seen the practice of covering birds at night. Birds and rabbits are different and you can safely cover your birds without any second thought.

But, in the case of rabbits, you need to think and do things smartly or just when it is needed. Do remember that your rabbit can freak out once he gets awake in the morning and he is not able to see anything. Therefore, only cover your rabbit for a limited period, or for the time you are sure that your rabbit will not awake.

Also, you may consider using a certain light cloth with a slight opening or window so that your rabbit won’t start getting anxious about being covered and will be able to stay calm and ease while sleeping or even if they are awake.

The rabbit age at night needs to be covered smartly. You should only consider this act when you sense any danger from a predator animal or weather. Moreover, covering the cage should only be considered when the rabbit is asleep or else it may freak out. You may use those plastic igloos to make the covering of the cage and get it removed before your rabbit wakes up.

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