The Association of Professional Dog Trainers (Courses)

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers is a trusted source of training for humans so that they can better train dogs through proper education and insights into the dog’s behavior and inborn skills. The association is determined to find new ways and let the canine–human relationship thrive in a fruitful manner. APDT covers all the needs of a trainer, a dog owner, and a person who needs a service dog. They intend to help people to become better service dog trainers and can train dogs to be better service dogs through successfully learned skills that are learned via proper training.

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Who should enroll in APDT

The APDT or Association of Professional Dog Trainers is meant for the people who want to become professional dog trainers. The institute offers various courses and certification programs to help people learn the basic skills and information about dogs, the breeds and natural skills, and how to manipulate those skills and abilities to benefit humans when they need help.

Candidates who want to learn dog training tactics right from the start can benefit from the courses, as well as dog training professionals who want to enhance and increase their understanding of dog behavior and proper way of training dogs, can also enroll to learn more, either via well designed training sessions or learn through the conferences held by the experts in the field.

What they offer

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers offers a complete set of courses and educational resources for dog trainers who  want to learn or improve their skills to train service dogs.

Here is a snapshot of what you can have while in the APDT:

  • Multi-week educational and training courses for dog trainers
  • Short courses of 90 minutes sessions or webinars to guide through various techniques
  • Dog trainer conferences

The multi-week educational and training course schedules are for people who want to get a complete set of training to help them understand the behavior and skills of a dog and how the behavior can be modified using various practices and drills to make the dogs act properly in a given situation.

Among these long courses here are the main course lines you can follow:

  • Aggression and the law
  • Working as a trainer
  • Dog training guides
  • Advanced learning theory

These four comprehensive course programs are designed to give the trainers a solid base to learn more about the dogs, and how to train them for particular tasks so that they will be able to assist their owners to live independently. These courses are also intended to make the trainers able to recognize their duties and responsibilities and how to incorporate their skills to perform better and establish themselves as a professional service dog trainer.

Course 1: Aggression and the law

This course spans around three weeks and is designed to learn about situations that result in aggressive behavior and how you can avoid any litigation due to the aggression that is shown in places or situations when it is inhibited. The instructor of the course is Heidi Meinzer who has been in law and litigation work for about fourteen years and can guide you deal the situation in its best manner. To enroll in this course you will either have to be a part of a dog training organization or working as a dog trainer and need help in knowing the limitations and possible solutions related to dog aggression and the law.

Course 2:  Working as a trainer and earning full time as a dog trainer

This course is run by Amber Burkhalter, who is a certified animal behavior trainer and consultant working as a professional for past two years. She promises to help you learn how you can manage your dog training work, expand when necessary, and explore new opportunities to make your business a better one, so that you can earn full time, while helping others.

Course 3: Dog training 101

This is the perfect course for beginners who need to know about the ABCs of becoming a dog trainer. You will be guided by Sarah Filipiak as an instructor to help you know where you should start as a dog trainer. You will be guided in how to become a dog trainer, what possible courses can help you the most, and where to start working as a professional dog trainer.

Course 4: The advanced learning theory course

Kristina Spaulding will help you as an instructor and will guide you to learn about canine behavior and other related species to let you compare and gain an in-depth insight into the behavioral changes in trained dogs and how you can improve their performance through proper training.

Short e-courses or webinars and seminars

Short e-courses and seminars are also held to update the trainers and professionals about the latest techniques and methodologies to help trainers improve training output.

Advantages of joining APDT

If you have planned to enhance your skills as a professional dog trainer, or want to start your career as a dog trainer through the APDT knowledge base and training courses, then you must know what benefits you will be offered:

  • You will have access to all comprehensive courses that are offered by experts in every field or areas related to dog training.
  • You will be able to interact with well-known dog training professionals to help you learn essential information and knowledge.
  • You will be provided with resources and helpful sources to guide you and get the most useful information.
  • You can stay informed and updated through the comprehensive APDT Chronicle issues monthly, and a live forum is also available to discuss your concerns.
  • You will get continuous support through consistent knowledge base delivered via short seminars and workshops.


The C.L.A.S.S. program by APDT offers an evaluation procedure for canine life and social skills to determine whether the dogs have the required skills or have been trained to act safe in social settings.

Anyone who has preliminary dog training knowledge or experience can enroll for the course to gain a better grip on the training tactics that are a must to learn to become a professional dog trainer.

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