United States Dog Registry

The United States dog registry is an organization that is based on the highest standards of quality to ensure people have their dog’s trained and registered through a legit process. They ensure an easy to follow and convenient to complete process of registration, which is aided by all the necessities and accessories you might need for your service dog. Anyone who needs help in getting a dog registered as a service dog, emotional support dog or therapy dog, can contact them for help. But they also make it sure, you and your service dog meets all of the basic requirements under the ADA Act.

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Their mission

The mission of the organization is to help people get their service dog registration done without leaving any flaw or shortcoming. As they provide a complete coverage of all helpful materials and assistance in providing legal coverage for the usage of your service dog in public places under the federal laws and regulations. They also intend to provide a complete guideline to guide people about basic requirements, they should meet in order to get registered and what level of training the dogs have to complete before they get registered.

Services and products

The services and products are offered for the dogs and dog owners who already have completed the required training for a given criteria and are ready to fulfil are the milestones that are essential to be registered as a service dog. Their services cover the whole process of getting your dog registered as a service dog and providence of all the related materials. So, anyone who needs assistance in such a case can visit or contact them directly.

The most prominent services they offer are as follows:

The registration process

For the dog owners who have a service dog who has been trained and fulfill all the basic requirements as a service dog and has got the necessary training through a recognized organization, they offer a complete assistance to get it registered easily. The overall registration process is very easy and is guided by their support professionals. They provide registration for the following kinds of support and service dogs.

  1. Service dog
  2. Emotional support dog
  3. Therapy dog

For the dogs who have got trained as a service dog, the criteria are the same as determined by the ADA Act. For the dogs, they should have been trained for a specific period, according to the general rules and have been trained by professional service dog trainers to perform specific tasks, that the owner is unable to perform alone or to assist due to any sort of disability, including Mobility issues, autism, blindness, diabetes, deafness, seizures, PTSD, epilepsy or any other physical as well as mental shortcomings.

The service dog who has been trained and is eligible to get registered will be covered by the ADA law and will be registered and protected. The service is available for all 50 states of America and applies to the conditions like local housing and flying with pets. So your pet is covered in all conditions and can be discriminated as a service animal wherever you need to get it identified.

In addition to service dogs, the United States dog registry is also available for therapy dogs and emotional support dogs. For an emotional therapy dog, the services are the same and the registration is protected by the FHA and ACA laws. These dogs are required to be completed a required level of training to provide the necessary emotional support to the owner who has some emotional problems and behavioral issues including anxiousness, panic attack, depression and self esteem problems. The therapy dogs are also being welcomed to get registered and are covered under ADA, FHA and ACA laws.

What you need to do

They need you to go through a full and detailed information about the kind of registration you need for the dig you have and then apply for the registration. If you are ready to declare and provide sufficient information about the level of training your dog has, you can enter to register for a service dog registration and a complete kit containing all materials you will need to have along with your dog as a service dog.

Special features

Here are a few things you will experience when you register:

  • A complete guidance on all kinds of registration requirements
  • An easy yet reliable registration process
  • Lifetime registration
  • Quality products and equipments
  • Nationwide identification as a service, emotional support or therapy dog
  • Registration under the federal laws and availability of registered dog’s database 24 hours a day all time.

Getting a complete kit for your dog

While registering your dog, you can get a fully customized kit including and ID card, registration certificate,vest, specialized tag and an electronic ID for your assistance and convenience.

All you need to do is to opt for the registration, enter all your details, your dogs’ role, relevant data and documents and also a photo of your dog. The whole kit will be delivered to you with all supplementary features you have opted to get. The whole kit is guaranteed to be made of quality materials and able to depict what is required in a clear way.

How to contact United States dog registry

You can contact the organization via mail info@usdogregistry.org . Or you can also visit their site for more information: http://usdogregistry.org/registration/.

Conclusively, the organization covers all the basic needs a service dog owner requires and is capable of helping them find an easy way to complete the registration and get a quality kit to identify the dog as a trained service dog or emotional support or therapy dog that has fulfilled all the requirement to be a service dog and stay along the owner who needs any assistance due to some disabilities or behavioral limitations. The process is clear and you can select a customized plan and required kit by selecting what you actually need. There is a reasonable fee that you will need to pay to complete the process and get a full identification kit for your dog.

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