Why does my dog freeze when I put clothes on him?

Someone asked, why does my dog freeze when I put clothes on him and honestly we can see many answers to this and many different factors can explain this phenomenon. Though a generalized explanation may not help in understanding the condition in all kinds of dogs, some explanations can be very helpful in knowing why a dog does so.

Dogs are pure love and some of their body postures despite looking very innocent raises some concerns. A relatively bizarre experience with dogs is that they freeze their body when they are made to wear clothes. They show a much laid back and calm reaction, which raises the eyebrows of many pet owners who are not aware of why it is like that.

The reasons behind dog freezing when clothes are put on

The obvious reason is that dogs are not much used to wearing clothes. They feel weird with clothes touching their body all over constantly. That makes them feel awkward, but that shouldn’t restrict you in making them wear clothes.

You might also notice some uncomfortable and weird feelings of the dog with their harness on. On top of that, even the dog socks and any other accessories might make them feel weird. They just don’t like any strings attached or even clothes for that matter.

However, the dogs don’t get aggressive with this. Rather, they calm down and freezes their body as if they are in some state of shock.

On the other end, it has also been seen that dogs with clothes react differently as per the weather. If you put a nice sweater or a jacket on them on a very cold or a rainy day they would love it. They still freeze their body with the excitement of coziness. However, they might not like it that much if you put heavy clothing on a warm and sweating day.

As per many experts and experienced pet owners, such feelings get normal with time. If you make them wear clothes regularly then you will see a gradual fall in their body freezing tendency. If you want them to get used to clothing soon then you can take them for a walk.

This will normalize things for them. As a good practice, if your dog encounters anxiety or any other similar issue then make them wear clothes. This would help in relaxing them a lot. A nice printed shirt might just make the day of your dog. A good short or a sweater might just work as it would do for a human.


The bottom line here is that there is nothing to worry about if your dog gets calm and quiet after wearing a shirt. It is mainly because the dogs are not much used to wearing clothes. If you are regular in making them wear clothes then soon it would become a norm. You may use this as a technique to relax your anxious dog if he has any such issues.

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