Why does my dog put his head under my chin?

Body language of pets is the only language that they use to communicate with humans or their pet owners. The same is the case with dogs, where the owners need to understand the mood and needs of their furry friend. A lot of people have noticed their dog putting his head under their owner’s chin. They have concerns about it and not sure what that act means. Let us find this out in detail.

Why dog put his head under the chin of the owner?

A lot of people have different opinions about such a gesture of dogs. Some regard it as an anxious behavior and some relate it with health issues and so on. In reality, it has nothing to do with any such concerns. Rather it is a good sign, it is a sign of affection towards masters.

As per the careful study of a dog’s behavior and this typical posture of tucking its chin under the head, there is a definite pattern. Dogs do this very often when they are called in by their masters.

If you are in a sitting posture and call your dog then the dog puts his head under your chin. If you are standing then the dog might just push his head towards the floor and rub the top of his head towards your legs.

Basically, in both the postures of the owner, the dog is looking to do the same thing. Some dogs may also nuzzle their nose on your hand. This is something that dogs don’t do to anyone else, despite them showing great affection. For strangers, the best the dog could behave to their kind gesture is to just tilt up his head to see who they are.

A great way to reciprocate this cute little gesture of your dog is to give it a hug. He is doing all this out of love and respect of the owner. He actually wants to demonstrate that you are the boss and his intentions are purely based on love and affection.

Make him feel equally special by hugging and giving a pa ton his back. Not all dogs do this but this doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. Further, this is some behavior irrespective of the breed of the dog.

Final words

Tucking the head under the chin of the owner is nothing but a submissive behavior of dogs. They do this out of affection and this love is something dedicated to the owner of the dog and nobody else. The bottom line is that if your dog is known for such behavior then you are lucky to have such a furry friend.

It is necessary to understand how your dog feels and you may know the behavior that is specific and only seen when your dog is with you. Most dog breeds and intelligent enough to connect with their owner and bond together with affection and care given to them and time they give to their owner.

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