Yorkies and Chihuahuas (Chorkie)

The Yorkies and Chihuahuas purebred mix are commonly known as Chorkie. If it gets the best of the characteristics of both its parent dogs, then you will see a small head, beautiful eyed and maybe a small to average size dog with a nice coat. It can be a great dog for those who are looking for a nice friendly pet companion at home.

What to expect from a Chorkie


They usually have a thick coat, which is soft and fluffy. The coat length typically depends on that of the Chihuahua parent. Such mix-breeds may inherit a combo of dark red, brown, black, grey and white colors.

Height and Weight

Such dogs are usually small in size but you will find it hard to determine, where Chihuahua is usually a tall dog whereas Yorkies are smaller. In most of the cases, their size is more inclined towards their Yorkie parent. On average, their height is between 6 to 9 inches. The average weight of these dogs is between 5 – 9 pounds.


This typically depends on the traits of its parents and based on that inheritance, it may have large or short ears. The shape may also vary between triangular or rounded years.

Behavior and Temperament

The small size of the dog is a norm and this restricts it to overpower intruders or strangers. Still, they have a characteristic to show aggressive behavior towards strangers or intruders by barking out loud. This helps to alert the family and in this regard, they make up for a good watchdog at home.

They are quite ambitious and confident. They are very often seen challenging other large size animals as well. They are a great pet animal at home. They may be shy initially, but once they get accustomed to the home environment and the family, then they are really frank and loving.

They always loved to be cuddled by their respective owners. Chorkies are comfortable with mild weather. They are usually not good at cold temperatures.

They are also known for picking up their training lesson quite easily. They like to socialize as well, given their due time to settle with any new environment or people. You will find them motivated with many indoor games. But, going for a long walk or jogging is their most favorite activity.


The crossbreed of Yorkshire Terrier + Chihuahua dog results in a Chor-kie. It is a quit familiar mix since the 1990s and still relevant today. They are typically small in size and could weigh between 5 – 9 pounds on average. On the energy scale, they are average and love to play around with the owner and family.

So, if you are fond of both breeds and want to see how you get the mix of these fabulous breed dogs, look for a mixed breed of Yorkie and Chihuahua. This ensures that you will be amazed by this wonderful creature who will be a companion you will love the most like your pet.

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