Best Mastiff Breed (Big Dog Mastiff)

Mastiff is a term that is used for a huge dog breed. They are also called as huge Molossers or Molosser dogs, which have a huge body and strong muscles, but it happens to be a very nice natured dog that loves to to be with a human family and can prove itself as a fabulous pet or a faithful companion.

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Mastiffs are also considered to be massive dogs with a comparatively enlarged body  as compared to other dog breeds. Though, these dogs have a history of their existence in The Britian about 2000 years ago. But they were first recognized as a separate dog breed by the American Kennel Club in 1885. There are about 25 different kinds of Mastiffs that are found around the world and which have been classified on the basis of the region in which they are commonly found and also with slight variation in their physical features. But we are considering the English Mastiffs here.

They are the 26th most popular dog breed found in America and are considered as a perfectly calm and friendly pet.

Important features

As stated earlier, Mastiffs are huge dogs with strong bodies and well balanced structure, there are certain important features of this dog breed that make them so much distinguished from other huge dogs found on earth.

Physique and structure

The overall Physique or the body structure of Mastiffs is comparatively larger in size, as compared to other breeds of huge dogs. Their  body has an oversized look and have very well distributed muscles throughout the body, making them well balanced, strong and active. Their bodies are symmetrical and give it a decent look as a companion dog.

Coat and color

The coat of the Mastiffs has short hairs if you are only considering English Mastiffs, but the length of the hair may vary in other kinds of Mastiffs. The hairs shed within a certain period of time and needs grooming and brushing regularly but not frequently. The breed is available in 3 different colors named: Fawn, Brindle and it can be Apricot as well. The body has a black shade in front of the mouth and on the ears.

Appearance of the mouth

The mouth has drooping skin and the ears are also flopping and dropping, making the dog drool a lot while eating or after drinking anything.

Height and weight

These dogs can weigh up to 175 to 190 or 200 ponds while their height ranges from 28-31 inches on average. They have a short length. Their height and overall weight and body structure help them to keep the invaders or the intruders away from messing up with their families.

Overall friendliness

The dogs are friendly in nature and have the ability to adapt to the environment within a little time. They love living in a family and spend time with their owners.

Calm and quiet

Mastiffs are quiet and calm and are not too fussy. They are a dignified form of dogs who have a furious look, but actually stay calm and relaxed.

Child and cat friendly

They are very good friends with kids and also cats. Due to the fact they are not fighter dogs, they are soft natured and well behaved while spending time with others. These are also popular for their soft mouths and are capable of bringing things without damaging it.

Adaptability levels

Though Mastiffs do take some time to adapt to a certain environment, but they learn to adjust within a short period of time and will stay calm without any troubles.


Their overall behavior is very quiet and soft, they love to stay relaxed and be a quiet member of the family that is courageous but not fierce and furious.

Trainable and intelligence

The intelligence level is not high and they may not be able to perform complex tasks, but they can be trained for simple things very easily.

Life span of Mastiffs

The average lifespan of Mastiffs is around 10-12 years.

For which purposes are Mastiffs used for?

As a matter of fact, Mastiffs are huge dogs and have their historical existence in the British history for about 2000 years ago. They have been used for many purposes in wars and for hunting purposes as well. Here are some reasons for which Mastiffs are used so far:

As a guardian or watch dog

Mastiffs have been used for guarding purposes. Though it doesn’t fight a lot, but there is a strong sense of responsibility to protect what is with him. They do react to any odd happening that is noticeable and they can fight to protect for good. They are also used as a guardian or watch dogs because of its massive size as most of the intruders may be threatened by its huge physique.

As a hunting dog

As a matter of fact, these dogs have a soft mouth and they can deliver things without damaging anything, this makes them suitable to be used in hunting purposes to pick the shot game safely.

For fighting purposes

Though these dogs are calm natured but they are very well aware when and how they have to fight for the good reason. So these can also be used as a fighter dog. But this kind of use has been common in past years, but today they are more common as guardians and family dogs.


Concluding our discussion regarding Mastiffs and the prominent features of these dogs, we can say that these dogs are oversized dogs which are best to be used as guardians and watch dogs. They are  very good friends of humans and can be a calm, courageous and dignified part of a family who knows how to live with others.

They are very protective in nature, but don’t show furious attitude. Rather, they may fight or respond quickly to any odd event that needs to be addressed. They are a healthy breed of dogs and needs moderate exercising and grooming on a regular basis. If you are in need of a huge dog, which satys calm and can guard you and your family or in house, then you can surely opt for a Mastiff.

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