Canadian Registry Of Therapy Animal And Service Animals

CRTASA or Canadian registry of therapy animal and service animals is the one of the first centralized services, that has been offered to the people seeking help in owning, training, registering or keeping a service animal to compensate their disabilities. The organization is a non government foundation, to help people find the best solutions to get their animals trained and certified as service animals and be recognized as service animals through proper documentation and IDs.

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The vision

The vision of the organization is to facilitate common men, knowing the rules and legal limitations and facilities while keeping or owning a service animal. Because of the fact, not everyone is able to understand what is required to own a service animal, how to train the animal or what things are required to use the animal in public places.

Also, the organization also intends to fill the gap that is there, created by the ambiguous and intermixed policies and rules, as defined by the federal laws. It has been made sure that anyone who needs help through CRTASA would find a step by step guidance to attain a perfect service animal and feels easy while keeping it and carrying anywhere he/she wants to go.

Who they are?

The organization represents a non government body having the professionals to assist people find help in training and registering their service animals. The organization offers corporate fellowship programs to enroll the services and provide a platform to ensure people find all necessary helpful resources at one reliable platform. Animals that are considered as service animals are not limited to dogs and they are concerned with all different kinds of animal people need to get trained, treated or registered as a service animal.

What they offer?

Their offers include a complete range of programs offered by renowned service animal training, care and registry services for anyone living in any area. Their services and programs offered include:

Animal health care services

People who are veterans or handle a service dog or want to keep a trained service dog ensuring a perfect health, can find best services offered in his/here area.

Animal training and care services

You can also find help regarding animal care, grooming and training purposes. Whether you need to get your service animal trained for a particular purpose of preparing it for helping others, you can find all the necessary resources with the help of CRTASA.

Animal accessories and products

In case you need specific animal accessories, IDs, harnesses or other related accessories to help you make your service animal, identifiable in public places, you can find a wide range of product and access them here.

Legal help and consultancy

In case you need to have a full fledged information about the legal limitations and laws in your area, you can access them through CRTASA. You can expect to get a comprehensive help to understand the best practices and requirements for you to handle, care and train your dog or any service animal you have got.

Membership and corporate fellowship options

They offer membership and corporate fellowship as a part of the organization. Through this, people searching for help can enroll to get the latest events, training programs, workshop alerts and other promotions easily.

In addition to this, companies and organizations offering service animal training, health care services and accessories can opt to get a corporate fellowship with CRTASA. The fellowship offers a great opportunity for those who need to reach out people who need the services. Also, companies can have a complete coverage to market their services and product online. The process is helpful for users and service providers.

What areas they cover?

Though most of the service animal organizations are limited to cover and guide people about service dogs, but CRTASA offers their service to guide beyond that. You can find service animal help for dogs as well as horses and other animals such as birds, etc.

They offer services and guidance related to service animals and therapy animals and can guide you with the help of all resources, services and products that you might need.

Who should reach out?

As a matter of fact, CRTASA offers a complete suite of services and guidance material for service animal trainers and owners, anyone can reach them to find answers to their questions and seek help to find the best possible way.

According to the mission and the vision given by the organization, they intend to offer a resourceful platform for the people who are in one way or another are associated with service animal or deal with service animal training work. So, if any of the following scenarios fits you, you should contact them for further details or visit their online portal for guidance and help. Here is the list of situations when you will need help from CRTASA:

  1. A service dog trainer
  2. A service animal owner
  3. An animal owner who wants to train the animal as a service animal
  4. Service dog owner who needs assistance to register and get the animal recognized as a service animal
  5. An organization looking to spread their word about their service animal programs and materials

All these areas are covered by the CRTASA and services provided by the top level providers can be accessed by those who need consistent help to find a better solution for their service dog needs.

How to reach CRTASA?

In case you need to know where you can find the actual office or reach them out online, you can easily visit their site, for further details you can call them or send an email. You can expect to get a definite response from their side.

Their website:

Visit their office:


5863 Leslie Street, Suite 117.

North York, Ontario, M2H IJ8 Canada.

You can get all the information and details about service animal training and registry essentials to facilitate people and make the service animal usage reliable, safe and easy for every disabled person and surrounding environment.

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