Corgi Dog Breed

The word “Corgi” means “small” or “dwarf”. These are short heightened dogs and have been given the name due to their short yet elongated bodies. Corgis are one of the famous dog breeds that are being loved and kept by celebrities and Royals.

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Corgi is the famous dog breed that has been kept by the British Royals and their love for Corgis is reflected in history as well. These dogs have a special position in the British history and they are very popular as smart and active dogs that are full of energy and have a great stamina. Their bodies have a unique structure and are available in various colors and markings on it.

They have a prominent place as a pet dog, having a personality it their behavior. Corgis have been placed as the 21st most popular dog  breed in America. These were first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1934. Though their history is older than the time when they were recognized as a specific dog breed in America.

What makes them special? How they can be your companion? And how well you can live together with your Corgi? Here are a few answers to your questions, to know these dogs in a better way.


They have been said to be originated in the Wales. That is why they are also known as Welsh Corgis. Further, based on the specific areas of origin, they are further classified as Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis. They were used as herding dogs who are capable of herding through nipping the heels of the animals to keep them on the way. Both types of Corgis are more or less same and have similar characteristics. It has been said that these were first shown in 1925 in Wales. They also have been reported to exist in Modern Germany.


Corgis appear cute, smart and active. They are available in various colors and exist in almost 4 different colors and a few different markings. They have a long body, short legs and medium sized ears. The eyes are relatively round and bigger in size.

Types of Corgis

On the basis of the body shape, size and the origin of these dogs, they have been classified into two different types which are:

  • Cardigan Corgis
  • the Pembroke Corgis

Cardigan Corgis are said to be originated in the Wales specifically in the county named Cardigan, hence they are named Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Whereas the Pembroke Corgis have their roots in the county of Pembroke hence named Pembroke Welsh Corgis.

Both have more or less similar behavioral characteristics, but slightly different physical features. Cardigans have longer bodies and are slightly bigger than the Pembroke Corgis. They have bigger heads and appear to have a slight increase in their height. Pembroke Corgis are more preferable as compared to the Cardigan Corgis.

Color and coat

They are available in various colors and can be found in about four different colors having 1 or 2 markings on their bodies. Their coat can be of two kinds, one with longer hairs and double layered coat, while the other is the short coat with short hairs. Both kinds of coat shed hairs twice a year.

Height and weight

Cardigan Corgis have their body weight around 30 or 38 pounds while Pembroke Corgis can only weigh around 25 to 30 pounds and not more than that. The cardigans have a height of 27 to 32 cm, while the Pembroke Corgis are 25 to 30 cm tall.

Life span

Corgis have a life span of 10-12 years and can be a great companion throughout their lives.


These dogs are basically a healthy dog breed and have a consistently good health throughout their lives, but they do have certain health issues that may cause issues in the later years of their lives. The most common diseases are retinal atrophy and Hip Dysplasia.


They are intelligent enough to respond and react to certain situations and they can perform various tasks that they are supposed to learn and retain for later use. Also, they remember what they have experienced before and certain events that is related to certain important things in their life. You may not doubt their intelligence as a smart dog.


They can learn to perform various tasks and can be trained for various activities you need to make him perform. They can easily be trained and they have a high level of adaptability and can learn to adjust according to the situation.


They are friendly, need to stick to their families and can be a great companion of the owner and the family around him.

Purposes of keeping a Corgi

Corgis have been used for many purposes and they have fulfilled their purpose very well, so far. They have been a dear pet for many years and  have been adopted by the British Royals as their favorite dog breed. They have been bred of many reasons, so  of the basic reasons are discussed below:


Herding is one of the most basic and ancient uses of Corgis. They have been bred specifically for herding and keeping large animals on their track very easily. Their energetic behavior and strong stamina make them an excellent herding dog that can work for long hours.


In the past, they were also used as guardians for kids, due to their strong capability of detecting changes.

Agility tasks

They are best in showcasing their abilities while they perform agility tasks.


Corgis or Welsh Corgis have been a popular dog breed due to their popularity among the British Royals and also other celebrities in the history. They are the best herding dogs and have a decent behavior as a family dog that can develop a strong bond with the owner and the family members.

They are trainable, friendly and intelligent dogs that can be a perfect pet for you and your family. Though they bark a lot, but they have got a reason for which they are barking.

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