Do turtles drink water

Turtles are very beautiful animals and you will find them as pets in the home, apart from zoos or their natural habitats. As turtles as pets are not much common so people do have a lot of questions about their typical behavior and characteristics. Turtles can crawl on dry land and can swim as well. But, do turtles drink water as well while swimming? Let us find an answer to that below:

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Do turtles drink water or they only swim in it?

Turtles due to their slow mobility are quite easy to study for their specific behavior and characteristics. In terms of fulfilling their hydration needs, the turtles drink the very same water in which they swim. When a turtle is wading or swimming, it just drinks the same water in a gulp.

One should note here that in natural water like in a lake, all the good bacteria filters out the majority of the toxins in water naturally, which are produced by animal waste. This is important information for those people who have a turtle pet at home and make it live in an aquarium. For aquarium water, you need to be fully sure that the water inside is cleaned regularly. If not then your turtle after consuming that toxic water could become ill.

Even when you have only one turtle in an aquarium then still it will make a lot of mess in that water with the waste. They are known for defecating usually while eating in water. It means that the turtles are defecating frequently in water.

If we look deep into the matter then once we see urine and feces getting broken down in water then they lead to create ammonia. This is a toxic substance, which could cause many health issues such as skin irritation and even death in some cases. If you are not changing the water of your tank a few times in a week then you are definitely making your turtle drink the toxic water.

We have discussed a very broad outline of turtle’s drinking habits and what needs to be taken care of. Usually, turtles are known to eat or drink whatever they have around them so this makes the entire thing quite challenging for the pet owner.

Yes, it is true that the turtle drinks the same water in which they swim. This remains the same for turtles whether it is in a natural lake outside or as a pet in an aquarium. The water becomes toxic through the turtle waste in aquarium water. Therefore, regular cleaning is required for keeping your turtle safe in aquariums. Else, it may develop serious health conditions.

It is better to understand that every living thing needs water content as a part of their living and that is why turtles will also need some amount of water. As mentioned above, If they are kept in an aquarium that must have clean water so that it may not become harmful due to their wastes.

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