English Labrador Retriever (Labrador Retriever Information)

Labradors or a Labrador retriever is a kind of dog breed that is currently the favorite and most preferred kind of dogs in the United states as well as in the United Kingdom. The reason behind that is a long list of highly desirable features and qualities of this dog breed that enables them to serve humans at their best. They are commonly very well known for their ability to serve as hunting dogs and in sporting ventures as well. 

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They are best in retrieving things, collecting and detecting things in a very careful manner. These dogs are well suited to be used as assistance dogs as well, and can serve to perform various tasks and are good at developing a great collaboration with humans. Their existence root back to the early  1830, while they were first recognized as a dog breed by American Kennel club in 1917. For further information, keep on reading the following paragraphs.


The ancestors of Labradors were first bred by the 10th Earl of home, A British Nobleman Alexander Ramey. He and his nephews were the first to import these dogs for the sake of using them as Gun dogs. Later, The 2nd Earl of Malmesbury,  James Howard Harris, the 6th Duke of Buccleuch and Charles Douglas Alexander  bred together the dogs for the sake of water flowing purposes. It has been said that the early breed, thus formed is the base of modern Labradors and those who were bred together to give rise to the latest generation of labs are the actual ancestors of today’s Labradors.

The body and the appearance

Labradors are one of the most appropriately sized dogs and that is why they are well suited to perform a wide range of tasks that need a well balanced power an energy. These dogs have the following physical characteristics.

The color

These dogs exist in 3 basic colors and its descending shades which are black, yellow and chocolate. They are also classified on the basis of their colors, making them yellow labs, black labs and chocolate labs.  Though there is also a distinction between American Labs and the British Labs, but the classification is not very much clear.

The body size and shape

The body of a Labrador has a very smooth look and has a medium height when fully grown up. Their average height is  50 to 56 cms while the weight is approximately 25 to 32 Kg on average for both male and female dogs. The body muscles are shaped in a smooth way, giving the dog the best shape and extra strength to perform various tasks.

The coat

Labradors have a dense and medium thick coat on their body. The hairs are not very long, but they short and densely spread throughout the body.

Life span

The average life span of a Labrador retriever is about 10-12 years.


Their power of smell, strong muscular body and kind nature are some of the distinctive capabilities of Labradors.

Behavior and capabilities

Labradors are famous for their active, supportive, outgoing and friendly nature as they love to be a part of families and make friends for a long time. They are considered to be very helpful in performing the learned tasks in an efficient and responsible way. They are also very kind and have a helping nature.  Their dominant behavioral  features are:


Labradors are very affectionate and they are capable of becoming friends with all family members very quickly. They respond and react to the affectionate relationship very efficiently. They are able to become friends with new members very easily.


These dogs are very helpful and can make every possible effort to help the owner in getting things done in a better way.


 Labradors rank at number 7 in the Stanley Coren’s Intelligence of dogs and are considered to be wise enough to become a part of a family as having a complete understanding of becoming a useful member of any family.


 They are adaptable to new family members and can be very flexible in adapting to the various routines and lifestyles. But they may not be adapted to varied temperatures and climatic conditions very quickly.


They are very sensitive to actions, reactions, commands and the surrounding situations, that make them even more suitable for various purposes.

Very easy to train

Due to the fact these dogs are capable to understand their surroundings and can react to various situations properly, they are very easy to train and they can learn various skills very quickly and retain them to give maximum output.

Detection power

They have a strong detection capability using their ability to smell things and detecting the source through their innate capabilities and understanding.

Swimming skills

They can swim for a long time and is capable of resisting water waves and swim briskly and continuously.

Common tasks they can perform

Labradors can perform various roles which are:

Guide dogs

These are considered to be the best breed to be trained as guide dogs and they can be a perfect companion of the owner, for any kind of assistance they have been trained for and can help in achieving various goals in a very easy way.

Therapy dogs

Due to the fact, they are affectionate and very friendly in nature, they are also very helpful to be used as emotional therapy dogs to provide affection and support in particular cases.

Game and hunting assistance

They have a strong and active bod, that makes them capable of performing quick tasks like finding and capturing things. That is why these dogs are considered to be a good fit for hunting and sporting purposes.

Water rescue

They have a capability to swim for a long time and that makes them perfect to work as a water rescue assistant.

Detection and police dogs

They are also used as police dogs due to their strong smell detection abilities.


The dog breed has a common health issue of hip or elbow joint dysplasia, though you can avoid such issues through proper care and visit to a vet.


Overall, this dog breed has gained a very important position among other fellow dogs. Due to the fact they have got a strong body and highly advanced innate skills of performing various tasks, they are preferred by most of the dog trainers. They are friendly, energetic and very active and can easily become part of a family.

Their quick understanding and intelligence make them a perfect human companion as a guide dog and therapy dog to attain emotional health and physical assistance. They are healthy dogs and may not pose you with lots of health care issues and can serve you for a long time without any problems. Any one who needs a wise and faithful companion or a guide dog, can truly trust a Labrador.

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