German Shepherd Facts (German Shepherd Information)

German shepherds or German shepherd dogs are also termed as GSD and in UK English the breed has also been known as Alatsians. These dogs are found throughout the world and you can notice them everywhere  working in various fields and for various purposes.

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The secret behind using these dogs for performing various tasks is their ability to comprehend the commands, courage of doing something with great care and responsibility and physical dominance as a powerful and agile dog breed. All of the physical and behavioral features that make German shepherds a  prominent breed of dog around the world, play an important role in determining their importance as a perfect dog breed.

Want to know about them, here are some important chunks of information that will help you understand the breed:


German shepherds were first recognized as a dog breed in the Germany in 1899 and first recognize by the AKC in the year 1908. They were considered to be very responsible and helpful as an important part of herding groups. They were very popular to serve in the sheep herding work because of their energy, decision power and their ability to follow the commands in a perfect manner and applying the commands at an appropriate time.

Appearance and body features

The German shepherds are considered to be a gorgeous group or breed of dogs that have a healthy and medium to large sized body which makes them appropriate to perform various tasks.

  • The average body weight of a female  German shepherd is about 22 to 32 Kg when fully grown up, while the average male German shepherds are 30-49 kgs in weight. The average height  of these dogs ranges from 22- 26 inches.
  • The body of these dogs have a double coat and is colored in doubles shades of Tan and black. Though 10-11 different variations can be noticed within the colors.
  • The overall body is sleek yet healthy, well balanced and gives an elegant dog’s appearance which is not too short or too high or too bulky.
  • These may have short of long hairs and come with a smooth bodily appearance.
  • The average life span of a healthy German shepherd is about 9 to 13 years or 14 years.

Prominent features of the breed

German shepherds are well known for their particular features and characteristics and that is why it has become the second most popular dog breed in America and the 5th most popular breed in the United Kingdom.


The breed is considered to be an intelligent and wise dog breed. It is because they are capable of observing the surrounding or the people and learn with the help of sensory signals that are being received from the surrounding. They can understand things faster and are capable of responding appropriately.


The German shepherd dogs are brisk and active dogs and they have strong bodily muscles that keep them ready to perform any task anytime.


They are remarkably obedient and can be a great partner for anyone who need a faithful, reliable and trustworthy companion as a pet or a full time pet partner. They are capable of following commands and can complete given tasks according to the training given to them.

Always learning

This dog breed is also very well known and very much appreciated due to the capability of learning with time and careful adoption of helpful skills when trained properly. They are able to learn all the important skills that can be beneficial for various purposes and performing various roles as a partner.

Well behaved

These dogs are considered to be very well behaved and can be  a part of your family, social group and can be carried along you if properly trained.

Not too fond of strangers

Another important feature of this dog breed is its unwillingness to accept other or strangers. It is important because this feature helps the dogs to recognize the family members and alarm about any stranger around you.

Can perform tasks with great responsibility

These dogs are best when they are being assigned, any particular task. They take the whole responsibility regarding the work they have been taught and assigned to perform.


These dogs are courageous and would never leave their partner in a  trouble and will try whatever they can to solve the problem.


They are adaptable and can adjust to a new environment very easily.

For which purposes they are good to be used as your partner

German shepherds are good at many things and can be your partners in various conditions,some important services are mentioned below:


They are best for herding sheep. Because of their high intelligence and wise decision making capabilities, they are capable of assisting as a herding dog.


They can be kept as a dear pet and it would be a pleasure, keeping it like a faithful friend, that is always along with you with no hassles at all.

In police search operations

They are used as police dogs to search weapons and catching trespassers.

Service dog

They can be used as service dogs to assist people who need help in moving, hearing or seeing things appropriately. Being an active, understanding and reliable dog breed, they can be the best service dogs for the impaired.


They can also serve as a messenger as they can deliver messages to the right person to whom it knows very well.

Health and care

The most common health issues that these dogs face most commonly, include arthritis or  Hip and the elbow joint dysplasia, which may impair their capability to walk briskly in the later years of their life. Other illnesses can be about pancreatic issues and degenerative Myelopathy.

The best way to care for a German shepherd is through regular exercise, weekly brushing of the coat and regular mental exercise to keep them active and fit. Overall, this is a healthy breed and can help people enjoy their numerous capabilities without any issues.


German shepherds are good looking, active and a very popular breed of dog. All of the characteristics and qualities make them, one of the most favorite dog breed around the world. The well behaved, obedient and active temperament make them a very good substitute of a human assistant.

These dogs are trained and used as guide dogs in most of the cases, where the owner needs a responsible and reliable companion to perform daily chores. They can be trained and taught various skills and that is why they are used as a part of guide dog training programs.

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