German Shepherd Greyhound mix

The German Shepherd Greyhound mix is a stunning breed in terms of appearance and traits that  it inherits from both. Just like the parent breeds, they are medium to large-size dogs that come in a variety of colors.

While the greyhound breed was bred to be a hunter, the German shepherd was bred to be herders. That means you are likely going to get a mix of herder and hunter features with a crossbreed of German shepherd and Greyhound.

Physical attributes of the German shepherd greyhound mix

Some of the mixes look more like the Greyhound parent breed while some others look more like the German shepherd breed. The Greyhound weighs between 60 and 70 pounds and stands between 26 and 30 inches in height. On the other hand, the German shepherd weighs between 50 and 90 inches and stands between 21 and 26 inches. From the different sizes n weights of the two types of breeds, it’s obvious the average size and weight of their offspring would fall in between these two.

Also, the German Shepherds are usually black/tan or black/red. But sometimes and on rare occasions, you can find one with variations of blue, pure white, sable, or black. Their coat is usually thick and dense. On the other hand, the greyhounds have a wide range of different color variations, including gray red, brined, fawn, black, as well as white. They usually have short fur.

Their crossbreeds, shep-a-grey can sometimes have shot fur and thick coat. They come in a wide range of colors just as their parent breed. They have a life expectancy of between 8 and 11 years.


The German shepherd/greyhound Mix is one of the most awesome dogs for people who understand the temperament of these two breeds. Both types of dogs have a unique personality, which explains why their breeds are just as awesome.

German shepherd Greyhound breed is gentle with children and plays a lot with them too. Those who have stayed with the German shepherd/Greyhound breed know they are not hyper dogs or laid back dogs. Instead, they are always friendly and like meeting new people.

They are not the type of dog to scare strangers away. When they meet strangers, their first reaction would be one of inquisitive and not to protect territory, as some other dog breeds do.

They are the type that would meet new people and find a place to lie at the corner while the new person discusses with their owner. It’s one of the most successful mix breeds as it doesn’t produce a rowdy dog or an off-character breed.

Although they may seem a bit laid back at the beginning, they usually start getting along with their owners and other dogs within a short period of time. They are not the type of stay reserved for a long time. In fact, the only time a germen shepherd/greyhound breed would act like they are reserved is when they enter a new place. But give them a few days and they would loosen up a little.

These are all the traits of the parent breeds, so it’s not surprising they have passed the trait to their offspring. They are a wonderful and charming dog that is very friendly with their owners and kids.

Other features

German shepherds are relatively active and they are good dogs that can spend quality time around kids. They are excellent family pets their owners adore for their care and companionship.

On the other hand, Greyhounds possesses impressive athletic attributes and is incredibly fast.

They also love being couch potatoes, love napping is easy-going and sometimes docile. These attributes combine to produce an awesome breed that is a great family companion.

This breed is also known as the Greyhound shep. The crossed breeds of these two dog types come in a wide range of colors. Just like the parent breeds, the offspring is a medium to large-sized that is athletic and powerfully built.

For those looking for German Shepherd+Grey house mixes, they must not hesitate as the traits are pretty much supportive in multiple conditions and may prove to be a great companion for most of the dog owners who own this mix.

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