German Shepherd Shih Tzu Mix

The German Shepherd Shih Tzu mix breed dog is popularly known as German Shih Tzu. This is a very rare breed, but getting more into the spotlight of late due to the interesting characteristics of both the parent purebreds. Learning about both the parent breeds can give a good indication that what could we expect from the mate of the mentioned parent dogs.

What is a German Shepherd Dog Like

German shepherd purebred dogs are quite reserved and it is not easy to befriend them. However, they aren’t much aggressive either. But once if you happen to break the ice, then they are the loyalist breed that you could ever have.

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They stay calm mostly but if threatened, then they can come up with a sharp and aggressive reply. These characteristics make them a good watch dog. These can be large size dogs and have a tan/ black or brown fuzzy coat.

What is a Shih Tzu Dog Like

It is a fantastic lap-dog and can be your companion for life. They seek affection and love to be a part of a family. Their confidence is usually quite prominent and this by no means depicts that they are arrogant. They are usually not too big and come with a light or mix color thick furry coat.

How is the German Shih Tzu Mix Breed Dog

As a cross of the German Shepherd and Shih Tzu dog, the offspring can be expected to be a friendly, outgoing and a highly affectionate dog. They can be extremely loyal to the owner and the family at home, while you can also see it chasing you wherever you go.

Housetraining could be a bit challenging, especially if the cross breed inherits the stubborn personality of the Shih Tzu parent. For this reason, you need to give some extra time to its grooming.

The efforts need to be put in their obedience training and to make them socialize quite early. Once you are through these stages, then you will be having a very strong companion at home, who may act as a good watchdog as well.

These dogs can be loyal and very responsive in many ways. Bith have traits of strong and timely reaction and can help in keeping the owner active and alert wherever they need their assistance and make sure to give plenty of active play time as well.


A German Shepherd Shih Tzu mix breed could be a hard one to find due to its unpopularity. You may find such mix of the purebreds in different rescue shelters. The resultant dog in this cross could be a very friendly and affectionate dog.

For those who are looking for a friendly companion that stick around and will be giving plenty of time to play with, this mixed breed can be a great choice. Of course, the owner of the German Shepherd Shih Tzu mixed breed will be experiencing a mix of traits of both breeds that are perfect for keeping as pets at home.

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