If the code for cat is ECV what is the code for dog?

Wondering if the code for Cat is ECV what is the code for dog? In order to understand the subject code, we need to first understand cryptography. In our particular case, the type of cryptography is known as Caesar cipher. The Caesar cipher is one of the earliest known ciphers and also one of the simplest ones.

It is a kind of a substitution cipher on which all the letters in a given sequence is shifted for a certain number of places.  So for knowing, coding and decoding the names here, you may need to understand what actually is this process and how can your code and decode names in this system. Understanding the basics can help and you will be able to know the code name for the dog if you need to enhance your knowledge in this regard. 

The shifting is actually based on the alphabet. For example, in the case of a shift of 1, A would mean B, B would mean C and so on. Similarly, for a shift of 2, A would mean C, B would mean D, C would mean E and so on.

So how ECV is the code for CAT. With the above explanation, it is easy to understand that a shift of 2 is performed on CAT to get it ciphered to ECV. Therefore, in our case, with a shift of 2, C = E, A = C and T = V, which gives us the code as ECV for CAT. So now that we have already compared and analyzed how this works, we can surely code our dog’s name. just to start with we are going to understand and write the code name for the word Dog.

With the above example and a test case of CAT, we can easily find a similar code for DOG. For a shift of 2, check the below Caesar cipher for a DOG:

D = F

O = Q

G = I

As with the above logic using Caesar cipher, the code for DOG is FQI. So now you may have understood how it works and how we have created the code using this easy yet unique system.

Getting further into the details of Caesar cipher, the alphabets here work in a loop and the letter ‘Z’ is followed again by A, thus forming a chain. For example, a shift of 3 for ‘Y’ will be ‘B’.

So what we get by setting the above codes for different words or even sentences?

Actually, we add a layer of security to a certain piece or set of information. In the case of Caesar cipher cryptography, it is the simplest method and very easy to decode.  So we can intentionally create something or some words through this coding process to make sure when we are referring to something special and important that we do not want to share, we can simply create codes and make sure to keep them as unique as the names are according to the system.

However, there are certainly other methods and cryptography techniques that are much harder to decode and adds much stronger security to the information, which requires it for any reason.


There are plenty of freeware online Caesar cipher tools that we can use to apply a Caesar cipher code to a word, sentence or any textual string. An entire document with multiple words or sentences could be ciphered using such tools, just in a matter of seconds. The example of a dog and a cat is easy and you can understand the basics with these three-letter words.

The subject technique requires minimum computing resources and it is also useful when the system couldn’t handle complicated coding techniques.

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