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Bergin University of Canine studies is a sanctuary that has all the essential elements to raise service dogs and assistance so that they’ll be the best companion of their owners in any difficulty they have in their lives. Their mission is to create a helpful relationship between human and the world most helpful canines, so that veterans can get all the assistance without becoming dependent on it. The overall strategies and training courses are based on deep research and studies conducted on Dogs and the process that are implemented are based on practical implementations, rather than just theories.

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Dr Bonnie Begin is the leading trainer and staff head of the Bergin’s University and has her own way of training other through her experiences and understanding of canine behavior and processes.

The University is located at 5860 Labath Avenue, Rohnert Park, CA 94928, USA and serves to train people through various training courses to become able enough for training assistance dogs with the help of proven strategies and exercises. Their certification and service dog training course is one of the most comprehensive course for people who want to help in training assistance dogs as a volunteer or want to work as a dog training professional.

What is this program for/ its for whom

The most of training programs offered by Bergin University are usually based on various concepts that cover various levels of training and ability to train canines for specific tasks. This program is best for those who want to become a dog trainer and start their profession as a service dog trainer. In addition to this if you want to enhance your skills as a dog trainer, this program can help you get into the deeper intervention to train dogs as  better human companions.

The program offered by Bergin university encompasses all the behavioral and emotional aspects of a dog that can be trained as a service dog. There are separate certification and training levels depending on the previous education and training a candidate has and the knowledge regarding the dog training essentials.

The three of the most extensive training programs include:

  • Associate level training program
  • Bachelor level training program
  • Master level training and education

In addition to these degree level programs, there are also dog training seminars and certifications that are offered by the Bergin university. Most of the candidates who want to study service dog training as their core education should opt to enroll in the step by step degree level courses. Or if you only need to enhance your existing skills you can benefit from the short certification courses and seminars that are delivered by the Bergin’s staff and Dr. Bonnie Bergin herself.

 The content of this program

 The overall purpose of the training program is to teach the candidates and train them  to better understand the dog in a way so that it is easy to train the dogs easily and effectively. Another purpose of the course program is to provide an in depth information about each and every aspect of dogs training through behavioral changes and reinforcement techniques. Also, how dogs can be taught complex tasks and understanding of various situations through various techniques.

The programs provide a detailed set of information about the following:

  • The theoretical understanding if the canine behavior
  • Understanding of the basic skills the dogs have
  • Their physical and mental capabilities to learn and anticipate certain tasks
  • Understanding the basic needs of the dogs
  • Ability to implement unique tricks and techniques to help the and learn skills better and in an efficient and permanent way.
  • To enhance a person’s understanding of dog emotions and how to use them pair with the required performance as a service dog.
  • Client-dog airing and help them understand each other needs and behaviors

All these skills and information are delivered in the form of educational and training modules that are designed in a step-by-step manner. The course may also offer emotional psychology and developmental psychology courses to help candidates learn from the basic to the advanced level.

Advantages of the Bergin University certification and dog training courses

Through the advanced level and certification courses and training programs a person gets accustomed to various techniques and useful information about various dog training tactics that will help them become a better dog trainer and in turn will result into better assistance dogs.

 The most prominent advantages are:

You will be able to know the dogs with a solid understanding of their behavior and hence can train through fruitful techniques that will bring positive results.

You will be able to learn how to train emotional support dogs, physical ability assistance dogs, and PTSD help dogs.

You can improve your skills as a dog trainer or can also start as a beginner and develop as a dog training professional through valuable courses.


Their courses do not include any training modules to help you learn about hearing disability assistance dogs, medical support dogs and also you will not be able to get trained to become an emotional therapy dog trainer.  Also, they have no course to help you learn about Psychiatric help dogs with severe or mild level psychiatric issues.

Basic requirements to enroll in the certification program

To enroll as a dog training candidate you must have a preliminary education in order to be accepted as a qualified candidate in the university.

For Master level certification and training program, you must have a Bachelors degree in any field of education and you will have to send an enrollment application along with the fee charged by the institute and a short bio and 2-3 paragraphs about the candidate’s interest and future expectation after completing the course. And also you will need to have one professional and one personal reference for your enrollment to be processed.

After that you will be called for an interview and if selected, you will get enrolled and you will be ready to start learning and get trained as professional.

For bachelors and seminar registrations the requirements are different.  For bachelors degree program you must have 30 general and 30 elective credits at a college and at least 2.0 cumulative GPA.

For associate program you must have at least 18 general and 6 elective credits along with other requirements as mentioned above.


Bergin’s University certification and service dog training courses are well designed to help you learn the basic an advanced level of dog behavior and training the dogs to become a great partner through effective skills and abilities they have in their own. If you are a bachelor, or a college student who want to become a professional dog trainer who from beginner level to the advanced level through a  well recognized institute, you can enroll into this course to start your career as a service dog trainer.

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