Types of golden retrievers (Golden retriever Facts)

Golden Retriever is one of the best and the 3rd most liked and preferred type of dog breed. These dogs are considered to be excellent assistants in water fowling, game hunting and as assistant dogs for the impaired people. They form a big sized dog breed that which is best to perform various tasks and can be a great companion for people who love hunting and water fowling.

They have smart and impressive bodies having  a lot of energy and understanding of the environment and can be trained as obedient, reliable and well behaved dogs for various purposes. Further, there are a lot of qualities and capabilities that make this specific dog breed as one of the best breeds in the whole world.


Though Golden retrievers have their existence footprints in the history and are considered to be a very strong breed of dogs that have been used as game retrievers and for water fowling assistance. But they were first recognized as a separate dog breed in the year 1925, by the American Kennel Club.

Appearance and Body shape

These dogs are big in size, have a broader skull at the back and have a smooth, slender, strong body having strong muscles to help the run, swim and walk smoothly.


These dogs are available in 3 different colors which are Blonde, gold and yellow colors. Though a little variation of the color does exist.

Size and weight

The average Golden Retriever is about 51 to 61 Cm where their weight may fluctuate between 25 to 34 kgs.


The coat of this dog breed has two layers, the inner layer has dense hairs and are shorter in length, while the upper layer of hairs is long and lies straight on the first layer. The coat makes a water repellent layer on the dog making it easier for them to swim without any issues. The two layered coat also gives sufficient warmth to the body to cope with cold climatic conditions.

Life span

The average life span of the Golder retriever dog breed is about 10-12 years.

Types of Golden Retrievers

Based on certain variations in the Golden retrievers found in different regions, they have been classified into three main categories including American type, British type and Canadian type of Golden retrievers.

They are slightly different from each other and that is why they have been classified on the basis of the region in which they exist and the features that are different.

American type

The American type breed has a slim body, darker coat and has a height up to 61 cm as an adult. Their eyes are slanted and light in color.

British type

The British type  breed has a light colored coat and have round and black eyes. They stronger than American type. Their skull is  broad at forequarter and the muzzle is well chiseled as compared to their American counterparts.

Canadian type

Canadian type of Golden Retrievers has thin hairs and are darker in color. They also seem taller than other Golden retrievers.

Behavioral characteristics

Golden Retrievers have high class features  enabling them to serve in various fields as a human assistant.

Some of the most prominent behavioral characteristics are:


Golden Retrievers are friendly and love to be a part of the family. You can expect great companionship and a reliable and faithful response from these dogs.


They are devoted to complete any task that has been given to them and can help in achieving goals like a good assistant.


These dogs are intelligent  and can easily understand what is required, judge the situation very carefully and can respond appropriately.

Easily trained

They are good at following instructions and that makes them very flexible to be trained for any purpose or task that they can perform later on. They can be trained easily through proper training exercises.

Great swimmer

These dogs are very good swimmers and can swim very quickly and  easily to save others and retrieving things or the game.

Sporting abilities

Their sporting abilities are also not hidden and can be a great sporting dog with high performance levels.

Hunting dogs

They are great hunting dogs due to the fact they are capable of retrieving the game safely without tearing it off or damaging it.

Obedient and have a balanced temperament

They are obedient and well behaved and have a well balanced temperament, making them suitable for becoming a part of the family and can be carried as a service or assistance dog in social or public places.

Services and benefits

Based on their capabilities and potentials, these dogs are good at performing various tasks and can help in various fields. Some of the benefits are as below:

Service Dogs

They can serve as service dogs and disability assistance dogs. They can learn skills and can be trained in any way that you need.

Rescue dogs

Due to the fact, they are strong and can help in rescue operations, they can be used as rescue dogs to help others in getting through various hardships and emergency situations.

Gun dogs

As a fact they have been used for hunting purposes, they are used as gun dogs to retrieve shot game safely.

Health and care

These dogs need weekly brushing of the coat and shed hairs seasonally. They are basically very strong and healthy dogs, but some may have eye problems, hip and elbow dysplasia and cardiac issues. They love playing fetch and need regular exercises to stay energetic and active.


Golden retrievers have got a significant place in nearly all regions of the world, specifically in Europe, Australia, America and Canada. They are popular as service dogs and gun dogs for retrieving shot game safely to the hunter and help in water fowling as well.

They are a very strong and healthy dog breed that can be kept as a part of your family, as a faithful companion and an assistant to perform various tasks. Though they are available in different colors and with different physical attributes but generally they have more or less same capabilities and can serve equally to perform  various tasks.

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