What breed of dog is Buck?

Do you know a lot about Buck?  Or you want to know more about it in detail? Many things may not appear to be clear about the dog named Buck but if you explore, you can find many options to explain What breed of dog is Buck and how it is different from those you know already.

Who doesn’t know about the Call of the Wild movie, especially when you are also a fan of Harrison Ford. The movie is based on a short adventure novel, which was published in 1903.

The film is based on a dog named Buck, which is a quite expressive and exciting dog that made many fans all over the world. However, there were and still are many speculations about the breed of the dog. If you search it online then your screen would be bombarded with loads of different opinions. Let us find the real truth behind the breed of that beautiful and exciting dog Buck.

What breed of dog is Buck?

The breed of the dog used in the adaptation of the novel in the movie is not the one that was identified in the novel. Rather, it is something quite close to what was described in the novel by Jack London. As per Jack London, Buck is quite a huge dog with good weight and aggression.

To cut the suspense, Buck dog in Call of the Wild is a mixed breed of Saint Bernard and Scottish Shepherd dog. Buck is an adult dog with a significantly bulky body and weighs round about 140 pounds. St. Bernard, the father of Buck is quite a huge dog, while his Scotch Shepherd mother was quite small in size. As a resultant breed, Buck is a mix of both and you may call it is a good large size dog, adapting many of the features of the St. Bernard parent breed.

The most prominent features of Buck are his tenacity, strength and above all, courage. Buck has spent quite a good time with huskies but it is not one, but inspired to take some of their characteristics as well, while being a sled dog. In comparison to huskies, Buck is larger than those dogs, which could be easily twice their size. Despite having such a large body, Buck is always good at keeping pace with all other dogs.

Buck is a handsome rescue dog that was spotted by Jessica Steele Sanders, wife of Chris Sanders, who is the director of Call of the Wild. Many dogs were auditioned for the role and the perfect dog (Buck) was found in Emporia Animal Shelter in Kansas. No one better than Jessica knows what breed of dog Buck is and it is confirmed for Buck to be a mixed breed St. Bernard Scotch. 

The dog is not a husky, which was a popular opinion and Harrison Ford cleared that in his signature style. It is a St. Bernard Scotch having a large bulky body with a weight of approximately 140 pounds.

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