What happens if you give a dog too much wormer?

In some cases, you need to know what happens if you give a dog too much wormer? Will it be okay? Will it shoe some negative health issues or will your dog survive anything that happens after that? Sometimes it is never a good idea to supersede the dosage and the medicine dosage must be kept within the required level. Otherwise negative impact may be expected.

Here is what you need to know if you give a dog too much wormer.

What is a wormer?

Dogs in their natural habitat may consume worms or any other insects. To counter any negative impact, wormers in the form of tablets are given to dogs for deworming them. The tablets are normally given when your vet diagnoses that your dogs have worms.

The dog owners under some circumstances may come across concerns related to the overuse of the wormer drug. Their concern is truly justified as an overdose of medication could be dangerous. There are a few other things involved here that we will discuss to build on the conclusion.

What happens with a wormer overdose?

One thing that should be noticed here first is that wormers come from different brands. They all may have different levels of intensity. Therefore, the same quantity of overdose from one brand might not have the same impact as with another. Another critical consideration is the age of your dog. For example, young puppies might have a severe impact on wormer overdose as compared to adult dogs.

The overdose of wormer at a toxic level can be dangerous for the health of the dog. You may see your dog vomiting and other digestive issues, which could become visible within a few hours or maybe a day or so. If such is the case then it is advised to see your vet immediately.

On the other end with the wormer overdose, you may also see some slowly visible effects. You might see your dog losing appetite and weight as well. Some tiredness may also be noticed. Again it is a sign to take your dog to the vet before it is too late.

If you are not sure whether your dog has a wormer overdose as the dog may have been under secondary care then it could be a different issue. There are chances that the wormer you are using is not for the type of worms that your dog has.

So, if you are not sure and there are some health deteriorating symptoms then see your vet. He might check and perform stomach wash to let the dog free of any wormer overdose.

Make sure that you always keep a check on the number of wormers given to the dog. Never keep the wormer in reach of the dog, which could be very dangerous if it consumes in bulk.  

The wormer overdose can be dangerous and warrants a vet visit right away especially if there are immediate health deteriorating symptoms. Wormers should only be considered that are right for the right kind of worms. There may be some short-term effects as well and owners must ensure wormers out of the reach of the dogs.

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