What is a sooner dog?

Not sure what is a sooner dog? How it is different from other kinds of dogs and why they are called the sooner dogs? Let us talk about it.

Dogs can obviously of different breeds and there are many things associated with the origin of a specific breed about which every dog lover is not informed.

Different breeds are given different names and there is a different story behind each of those dog breeds. It can be about the origin of the breed, their personality, and characteristics, etc. Sooner dog is also a breed and will find the nitty-gritty of it in the subsequent section.

What is a sooner dog?

There are many speculations on and about the sooner dog. It is a dog that is from a mixed breed. It is also regarded as a dog from Oklahoma. The Oklahoma reference came from the fact that settlers getting into the unassigned lands then and the state of Oklahoma now is known by the name.

As the culture and history of Oklahoma, the “Sooner” designation is known for having a highly negative connotation. It used to have that negative connotation early on, which gradually changed over time. But, in the case of dogs, it might just be the same as its original meaning.

Such dogs are not a typical breed of their own. They are also referenced as dogs, which are not housebroken and the sooner dogs would soon go in their homes rather than being outside.

If we look around the dogs breed then many of them are a mix of tow or even more breeds. The sooner dogs of the kind are sometimes known as ‘Heinz57’ or ‘Mutts’. Some dogs are often given the novice breed names, which are a combo of the parent breeds. As an example, a Bogle dog is known as a mix of a Beagle and Boxer, while a Yorkie Poo is a breed of Poodle and Yorkie dogs. In the same manner, the sooner dog is also a mix breed type.

These days, many of the old people of your grandpa age have some interesting things to share about dogs. They knew sooner dogs all their lives as great hunting dogs. Characteristically, it might not be taken as a good friendly dog, rather very aggressive and dangerous in some situations.

This also shows that sooner dog breed is quite old and something that has been passed on to generations. They are still very popular and often sooner dogs in different places and events are used as a mascot for their typical characteristics as discussed above.


Sooner dog is referred to a mixed breed of dog with an aggressive and negative connotation. It is also sometimes known as ‘Heinz57’ or ‘Mutts’. The origin of the sooner dog is deep-rooted into the culture and history of Oklahoma from where it came from.

So we can say that if you want to look out for what is a sooner dog, then you may find mixed information depending on the mixed breed nature of these dogs. Most probably you will find the hunting features as the most prominent one.

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