Why does my dog stand on my chest?

Why does my dog stand on my chest? Is it trouble, behavioral issue or just a gesture to show affection with the owner? Sometimes it is considered a normal activity when your pet wants to spend some time with you. But in rare cases when your dog sits on your chest most of the time, there may be some other issues going on and may need some attention from the owner.

The body language of the dogs is the only way to communicate his emotions with his owner or other loved ones. This is where responsibility falls on the owner to understand all their big or small gestures. There are many random actions or things that dogs do to communicate their feelings.

The dog lovers show concerns if they are not sure about a particular posture of the dog and more so when the dog does it on a loop. One such thing is when you see your dog standing on your chest. Why does that mean? Let us try to find out.

Why does my dog stand on my chest?

When your dog stands on your chest then that is a good sign. That is a sign of love, affection, and respect that the dog has for you. With such a placement, that is the closest that the dog could get to your face. If you look deep into the thing then the angle is quite familiar with your furry friend. This is the angle that the dog gets whenever the two of you are face to face with each other.

According to some experts, such gestures by the dogs are also decoded as an invitation to play with the master. This is particularly true when you laugh out loud whenever your dog does such an act. The majority of the dogs would go on to repeat anything that stimulates a laugh. It is because of the reason that the dogs use to find the friendly laughter of their owners quite rejoicing and reinforcing.

Some of the experts also break this act to be the obliviousness to what exactly they have right under their paws. It has been seen that the dogs don’t have any awareness about the surfaces as much as the humans could have.

As long as they are in a position to balance themselves over a surface then the majority of the dogs wouldn’t mind at all if it is a tile, carpet or a newspaper. The owners of the dogs might teach them the best possible awareness but this wouldn’t ever come naturally to the canines.


As a bottom line, the dog standing on your chest is a positive sign. The dog loves you and shows his affection and respect towards you. He might do so to entice you to play. The best approach to reciprocate here is to give a smile and maybe a hug or a pat on the back of your dog. This is something that your dog would only be doing with you and not with anyone else.

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